The Carter Collection

A large, hanging sculpture of seven clusters of seven elongated, tapered forms that resemble flower petals and stems.

The Carter houses one of the great collections of American art, from historical landscapes captured on canvas to city streets seen through the lens of a camera. Anchored by iconic masterworks from the 19th and 20th centuries, the collection includes a range of artists, mediums, and styles, providing countless ways to explore and understand American creativity.

In our galleries sometimes you’ll find contemporary works alongside historical ones, or photographs alongside paintings—the depth of the collection allows us to highlight such connections through time and medium. If you feel like you’ve discovered something special when you find these moments, you have! We’re regularly changing out these works, so each time you visit, you know you’ll encounter something you haven’t seen before.

Take a virtual visit through our collection galleries! Created in January 2021, this 3-D tour unlocks new stories and shares fun highlights through video, audio, and more. Click to navigate through the galleries and hover your mouse over the buttons for more information about select works of art.