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The Buffalo Hunt [No. 39]

Charles M. Russell (1864–1926)

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    Oil on canvas
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    30 1/8 X 48 1/8
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    Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas, Amon G. Carter Collection
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Educator Resources

Essential Questions

  • What tools do artists use to convey a sense of movement and tension?
  • What could be the impact of a portrayal of an ethnic or racial group by an artist from outside of that group?
  • What elements contribute to a sensitive portrayal of a person or group of people?
  • What purposes, outside of the obvious provision of nutrition, has hunting served in the culture of the United States? How have opinions about the role of hunting changed over time?

Suggested Activities (4th–6th grade)

Today books are made into movies, video games, and graphic novels. They all depict the same story, but in different medium. Challenge students to translate this painted buffalo hunt into a new medium, a video game. Their game should include activities as characters prepare for the hunt and use the buffalo as a resource after a successful hunt. Ask students to think about their scoring or experience points system. Does it emphasize the individual or the team? Does it focus on cooperation or competition?

In this painting, Charlie Russell depicts a single moment of tension and action during a hunt. However, he implies a narrative through the details he includes. Students will extend this moment into a narrative by taking on the perspective of one character and discuss the preparations for the hunt and the activities following a successful hunt.

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Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas, Amon G. Carter Collection

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