The Choosing of the Arrow

Henry Kirke Brown (1814–1886)

Object Details

  • 1849
  • Medium:
  • Bronze
  • Dimensions:
  • 21 1/4 X 12 X 5 1/2
  • Accession Number:
  • 1997.143
  • Artwork Credits:
  • Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas, Purchase with funds from the Ruth Carter Stevenson Acquisitions Endowment

Object Description

Filatrice is an Italian word for a spinner of thread. Modern young girls in Italy, where Brown was an art student, often engaged in the practice of spinning. But, in this sculpture, the figure’s gown (called a peplos) and posture are reminiscent of classical sculpture, not modern dress. In ancient mythology, three sister goddesses called the Fates were considered the weavers of the thread of life, determining the destinies, longevity, and manner of people’s lives.

Location: On View
Part of: Sculptures