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The Birmingham Project: Mary Parker and Caela Cowan

Dawoud Bey (b. 1953)

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    Inkjet print

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    41 1/8 X 33 1/8

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    Photographs, Collection Highlights

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    Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas

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Essential Questions

  • What is the role of artists in helping to process local and national events?
  • Is there a difference between memorializing a traumatic event and processing it?
  • How does time and context change the way we think about historical events?
  • What advantages does photography have in documenting lives and events? Disadvantages?

Suggested Activities (4th-12 grade)

Ask students to connect with an older person, either a family member or someone from their local or school community, who experienced an event that is of interest to the student. Encourage students to have a conversation with that person, informed by questions that they have prepared in advance. Students can create a recording or a transcript to document the conversation. Have students write a reflection about how their ideas about the event changed as a result of the conversation.

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