Watercolors at the Carter

The Carter’s watercolor collection began with a selection of illustrated letters by Charles M. Russell acquired by the museum’s namesake, Amon G. Carter Sr., and has since grown to include more than 500 works. Prominent watercolors in the collection include 19th-century masterworks by American Pre-Raphaelites such as Fidelia Bridges and William Trost Richards; modernist abstractions by members of the Stieglitz Circle, including Charles Demuth, Arthur Dove, Georgia O’Keeffe, and John Marin; and a range of Texas imagery spanning from early 19th-century expedition scenes to 21st-century watercolors by the Fort Worth artists Scott and Stuart Gentling.

Watercolors are light-sensitive and susceptible to fading. As a result, they may only be exhibited intermittently and for short periods of time. Watercolors not hanging in the galleries may be viewed, by appointment, in the museum’s Study Room.

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