Arthur Dove

Creator Details

  • Birth

    Aug. 2, 1880 (Canandaigua, New York)

  • Death

    Nov. 23, 1946 (Huntington, New York)

The Carter is home to 56 works by New York painter Arthur Dove, spanning from The Lobster, inspired by the artist’s formative 1908 trip to Paris, to a series of small works on paper from the early and mid-1940s, when Dove was living in a waterfront cottage in Huntington, New York, with his wife, the painter Helen Torr. Other notable works include Team of Horses, one of the earliest abstractions created by an American artist, and a plaster, cork, and fabric assemblage formerly owned by Georgia O’Keeffe. These works showcase Dove’s innovative approach to abstraction as well as his sustained experiments with materials and techniques, traits that place him in the vanguard of 20th-century modernism in the United States.


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