Georgia O'Keeffe

Creator Details

  • Birth

    Nov. 15, 1887 (Sun Prairie, Wisconsin)

  • Death

    Mar. 6, 1986 (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

During her tenure as a teacher in Canyon, Texas, Georgia O’Keeffe wrote: “A week ago it was the mountains . . . and today it is the plains. I guess it’s the feeling of bigness in both that carries me away.” Drawing themes and imagery from the natural world, O’Keeffe went on to transform the traditional genres of still-life painting and landscape into something entirely new. The Carter is home to a number of paintings, drawings, and watercolors related to O’Keeffe’s interest in the natural world (as well as one of her photographs). These works showcase the inventiveness and ingenuity of O’Keeffe’s creative output at key moments in her career, including her 1916 to 1918 stint as an art teacher in Texas; the summers she spent in Upstate New York with the photographer Alfred Stieglitz; and her decades-long relationship to the places and topography of northern New Mexico, where she moved permanently in 1949.


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