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One wiggly jackalope: Q&A with Prickles 

Oct 13, 2021


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Well, hello everyone! My name is Prickles the Jackalope. I live here at the Carter! I heard that some of you might have questions about visiting the Museum, so I thought I would answer them here. Let’s learn about the Museum together!

A jackalope hand puppet wearing a blue bandana "stands" outside on the Museum's grounds.

Prickles the jackalope outside the Carter.

Do you ever get the wiggles when you’re looking at art? 

Oh, my goodness, I feel wiggly all the time! My toes start tapping, my tail starts twitching, and before I know it, I’m hopping all over the place! I know I need to be calm and careful when I am around the artwork, because I sure don’t want to knock over a sculpture, damage a painting, or hurt myself or my friends. Luckily, if I’m in a Toddler Studio program with my family and friends, we get to play all kinds of games that let us move and dance safely. When I’m feeling my BIG wiggles, I hippity-hop all around the big grassy bowl outside! It makes me happy that I get to be myself while I’m learning about art.

Do you get to make your own art at the Museum?

A jackalope hand puppet makes art at a table.

Prickles the jackalope making art at the Carter.

Well of course you do! There’s something about looking at all the paintings, prints, photographs, and sculptures in the galleries that just makes me want to go wild with creativity. Sometimes, I bring my sketchbook to my favorite spot in the Landscape Gallery and draw with my No. 2 pencil. Or I go into the Family Pop-up Space and color, color, color with pencils and crayons! Or, oh my, I’m getting so excited just THINKING about it ... When I go to Carter Playdate, we get to make art together as a family! Don’t tell anyone, but they even let you get a little bit messy. When I finish, I am always so proud of what I made.

What is your favorite thing to do at the Museum?

Jumping jellybeans, how am I ever supposed to choose just one thing?! Well, when I look back at all my most special moments at the Carter, they have one big thing in common: I love spending quality time with my loved ones. You know, Jackalopes are curious creatures. We like to see new things, ask lots of questions, and share our ideas with our friends and family. When I bring my grown-ups to Itty-Bitty Art, we get to tell stories, sing songs, and learn more about the art together! That together time makes me feel special.

I sure am looking forward to having fun with you at the Carter! For now, I’m starting to feel wiggly again. Time to hop along for some bouncy playtime outside!

Family Resources

A jackalope puppet holds an Art Discovery Guide while looking at art in a Carter gallery.

Prickles the jackalope using a Discovery Guide during a visit to the Carter.

You can learn more about family programs on the Carter’s website. Check out the links below for helpful tips and resources!