Toddler Studio
Toddler studio

Toddler Studio is a monthly program for toddlers (ages 2–3 years old) and their favorite grown-up. Led by museum staff, toddlers and adults will learn about a work of art by exploring, playing, reading, and creating a masterpiece together.

July 3 | Toddler Studio: Problem Solvers
Download the Problem Solvers PDF

June 5 | Toddler Studio: Meet the Art Librarian
Download the Meet the Art Librarian PDF

May 1 | Toddler Studio: Meet the Builder
Download the Meet the Builder Activity PDF

April 3 | Toddler Studio: Meet the Shop Keeper
Download the Meet the Shop Keeper Activity PDF

March 6 | Toddler Studio: Meet the Curators
Download the Meet the Curators Activity PDF

February 6 | Toddler Studio: Meet the Artist
Download the Meet the Artist Activity PDF

December 5 | Toddler Studio: Meet the Model Maker
Download the Meet the Model Maker Activity PDF

November 7 | Toddler Studio: Meet the Art Doctor
Download the Meet the Art Doctor Activity PDF