With the Help of Friends

February 2–June 2, 2019
First floor

With the Help of Friends celebrates 15 dynamic photographs ranging from the 1930s to the present day that were selected and purchased over the recent years by the Carter with the assistance of its photography collection supporters. Whether it’s the youthful theatrics of Joaquin Trujillo’s Jacky or the raw industrial motion of Margaret Bourke-White’s Four Thousand Fahrenheit, Otis Steel Company, these photographs tell vivid stories about life and how we think about our world. At the same time, the exhibition proclaims the vibrancy of the museum’s ongoing relationship with its members, and the key help that members provide in keeping the collection one of the world’s leading repositories of photography.

Carter acquisitions of photography and works on paper are supported in part by funding from the museum’s Photography Forum.

Installation Photos

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