Dario Robleto: The Signal

On view through October 27
Second floor

Dario Robleto: The Signal highlights the artist’s multiyear exploration of the Golden Record, a gold-plated phonograph recording containing sounds and images selected in the late 1970s by a team at NASA to portray life on Earth to extraterrestrials. Supported by related sculptures and works on paper, the centerpiece of the exhibition is Robleto’s newly commissioned work Ancient Beacons Long for Notice, an immersive, 70-minute film based on a rare and forgotten document—the first audio recording of warfare—which was considered for inclusion on the Golden Record. Ancient Beacons Long for Notice is the third and final installment in a trilogy of video and sound installations that comprise Robleto’s years-long investigation of the scientific, philosophical, and moral tensions of attempts to represent the totality of human life even after humans cease to exist.

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Header Image Credit

Dario Robleto (b. 1972), American Seabed (detail), 2014, fossilized prehistoric whale ear bones salvaged from the sea (1 to 10 million years), various butterflies, butterfly antennae made from stretched and pulled audiotape recordings of Bob Dylan’s “Desolation Row,” concrete, ocean water, pigments, coral, brass, steel, Plexiglas, Courtesy of the artist, © Dario Robleto

Dario Robleto: The Signal is organized by the Amon Carter Museum of American Art and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. The film Ancient Beacons Long for Notice is made possible in part by VIA Art Fund. The Carter’s presentation of the exhibition is supported in part by the Alice L. Walton Foundation Temporary Exhibitions Endowment.