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Educator Resources
  • How can color, line, and shape represent objects?

    How might the style, color palette, and composition affect the mood of a work of art?

    How has childhood, and the place of childhood in the national imagination, changed throughout time?

    How might a work of art reflect an artist’s or a community’s lived experiences?

  • Grades 4–8

    After looking closely at the work of art, ask students if this looks like a playground they would want to play on. Have them elaborate on why or why not. As a group, discuss what makes an ideal playground: What types of activities should be available? How much space should it take up? What materials should it be made from? What color scheme should be presented? It is important to have students explain their preferences as there are many possible answers to these questions.

    Students will then reimagine the playground in this work of art. Using any media you are exploring with your students, ask students to create an ideal playground for the children in this scene.

    Grades 9–12

    Students will consider the types of activities they did as a younger child or they do currently that are introspective (reading, listening to music on headphones, doodling, etc.). Using the media of their choice, students will create an artwork depicting a moment of introspection.

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