April 25, 2019

Permanent Collection Tour

Explore the Amon Carter's collection

Meet at the Information Desk for a tour of the highlights of the permanent collection of paintings and sculpture led by one of our friendly, knowledgeable docents. No reservations are required.

04/25/2019 2:00pm 04/25/2019 3:00pm Permanent Collection Tour Amon Carter Museum America/Chicago public
April 25, 2019

etc.: A Community of Food

Are you hungry to learn more about the DFW foodie scene? Are you starving to find out how food and art can help your community? Jin-Ya Huang and Cortney Gumbleton will deliver a full course on the power of food and how this concept aids the greater DFW area. Experts Talk on the Carter (etc.) is a new lecture series where thought leaders in various fields turn their eye to works in our collection, helping us see art in new ways through the lens of their own work and passions.

The third etc. this spring will feature Jin-Ya Huang, mixed-media artist and founder of Break Bread, Break Borders. BBBB is a social justice cultural initiative, designed to create opportunities and provide support for refugees and immigrants in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area. The goals of this project include creating spaces for women and their families to express and embrace their cultural heritage and identity by sharing their knowledge around food at catered dinner events. Huang uses the funds from these dinner events to help provide cooking, language, and life skill classes for the community cooks.

Cortney Gumbleton is the founder and co-owner of Locavore, the “AirBnB for commercial kitchens.” Locavore provides support for those who have dreamed of being a chef but need a little help getting their vision off the ground. The company offers a complete package for food entrepreneurs — a rent-by-the-hour commercial kitchen, storage capacity for food inventory, mentors, and access to an affordable event space to help chefs looking to make it big.

Seating is limited; reservations are recommended. Registration for this program opens March 1.

 A Community of Food

Questions? Call 817.989.5013 or email

04/25/2019 6:30pm 04/25/2019 7:30pm etc.: A Community of Food Amon Carter Museum America/Chicago public