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Spring Break starter pack!

Mar 12, 2021


Alli Rogers Andreen, Manager of Family Programs

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I think one thing’s for sure right now: We all need a break. A break from school, a break from work, a break from the patterns we’ve settled into over the last several months. I am craving three things this March: wild romps outside, creative afternoons filled with paint and music, and art explorations with all of you!

Luckily, as Manager of Family Programs here at the Carter, I get to work with the education staff and Carter Community Artists to organize an art-filled spring break adventure for everyone to enjoy at home. While we want to keep most of our surprises under wraps, I'd love to share some sneak peeks and teasers sure to spark your curiosity.

Consider this your spring break starter pack!

Who’s on first?

We’ll be moving from gallery to gallery, looking at different artworks each morning. Can you guess what our first stop will be?

A detail of a hanging sculpture made of woven wire thread that creates three orb like shapes with smaller orbs nested inside each.

Can you guess which artwork we will look at first?

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Let’s jam

We want you to join our band! Use your voice, play a clarinet, or improvise your own instruments using household materials. Here are some lyrics to help you sing and dance along!

From “Hill Was Steep and Tall (When I Signed up for This Hike),” camp song by Ella Jenkins

Wrote this song, sing along! [Wave your arms over your head]
Nothing to do, passed on through. [Scoot your body like you’re passing through a crowd]
I wanted to stay, they pulled me away. [Act like you’re pulling hard on a rope]
Slipped and slid, flipped my lid! [Bend at the waist and let your head wobble]
Lugged my pack, broke my back. [Act like you're putting on a heavy backpack]
But the hill was steep and tall, [Pretend to climb a mountain]
And I’m so very small! [Crouch down low to the ground]

Vive la Compagnie,” camp song by Stephen Foster

Vive la, vive la, vive l’amour
Vive la, vive la, vive l’amour
Vive la, vive la, vive l’amour
Vive la compagnie!

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Download the poem by Carter Community Artist Brenda Ciardiello and get inspired to write your own!

Movin’ and groovin’

Spring break isn’t just for sitting around. Our gallery games and artwork explorations will give your family plenty of inspiration to get up and go! Plan for a walk around the block or an outing to a local nature preserve. Practice playing our favorite clapping game, Sevens, so that you’re ready for the challenge. This week, looking at artwork will be a full-body experience!

A detail of an installation of large wood cut-outs of flowers and leaves, some brightly-colored, against a black wall with shadows projected on the floor in a Carter gallery.

Natasha Bowdoin (b. 1981), In the Night Garden, 2020, paint on board with cut paper and vinyl, Courtesy of Amon Carter Museum of American Art, Fort Worth, Texas

Strike a pose for day three of Spring Break!

Stock up

We can’t have spring break without some art making! We’ll be suggesting lots of different projects, from photography to sculptures, keeping in mind what you might have lying around your home. Here are some items you might want to have on hand:

Art supplies and a pink brontosaurus laid out on a table.

Suggested supplies for art making activities.

  • Twigs, popsicle sticks, or wooden dowels
  • String or twine
  • Cardboard box
  • Packing tape
  • Found objects (toy cars, acorns, buttons, etc.)
  • X-Acto knife or scissors (only with grown-up supervision!)
  • Drawing utensils (pens, pencils, crayons, markers)
  • Paper Hot glue gun (optional)
  • Paint (optional)

We’ll see you soon!

After spring break has passed, don’t be sad. We'll upload videos from each day’s activity to this blog post so you can get creative whenever you need a break!

Don't be sad because it's over! Enjoy day four of Spring Break whenever you like!