Thomas Moran’s Mount Superior

A watercolor of large, craggy mountains.
August 28–December 12, 2021

Be the first to see a major new acquisition by 19th-century landscape painter Thomas Moran!

Would you believe that just out of view of this idyllic landscape are railroads, mines and quarries, and a booming metropolis? In the late 19th century, while urban development boomed and railroads expanded, the tourism industry promoted the ease and comfort of traveling to the West by rail alongside narratives of the “unspoiled” landscapes visitors would see on their travels.

Featuring a long-lost watercolor by the acclaimed landscape artist, Thomas Moran’s Mount Superior explores these divergent depictions of the American landscape through photography, works on paper, and popular culture ephemera from the period. Journey to 1870s Salt Lake City and discover how Moran’s idealized vision of Mount Superior fits within the broader history of the colonization and industrialization of the West. Drawn from the museum’s deep holdings of works on paper and photography, this exhibition recounts a story that only the Carter’s collection can tell.

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