Sedrick Huckaby: Hidden in Plain Site

A realistic oil painting of four rumpled quilts.
May 14, 2013–February 2, 2014

Hidden in Plain Site, an 18-by-14-foot oil painting by Fort Worth artist Sedrick Huckaby (b. 1975), addresses the notion that some quilts contain encoded language and reveal secret messages. Historical accounts and narratives tell how slaves would guide fellow runaway slaves to freedom using quilts with hidden directions, maps, and so forth. To do the same thing within the context of today's cultural customs would be to talk about spiritual slavery rather than physical. Through the careful arrangement of four quilts, Huckaby establishes a variety of metaphors and symbols. A human brain, a city map, a cross, and a wedding celebration all offer a message of hope. What is the exact meaning? Every viewer should search for themselves to see what is "hidden in plain site."

Installation Photos

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