Samuel F.B. Morse's Gallery of the Louvre and the Art of Invention

An oil painting of the interior of a large gallery with artwork hung salon-style, and people throughout the gallery seated and standing painting or drawing.
May 23–August 23, 2015
Second floor

The Carter is delighted to participate in a national tour organized by the Terra Foundation for American Art of Samuel F.B. Morse’s iconic painting Gallery of the Louvre (1831–33). Though Morse is most widely known as a scientist and inventor, he was a leading artist of his time and served as president of the National Academy of Design. Gallery of the Louvre stands as one of Morse’s last great artistic achievements. Filled with his careful and personal selection of the Louvre’s finest treasures, all of which he painstakingly reproduced in miniature, the painting is a signal work of transatlantic exchange intended to connect American audiences with great European artworks.

Gallery of the Louvre, with its pictorial and thematic complexity, continues to engage audiences interested in science and technology as well as art. The Carter presents Morse’s famous painting and painted preparatory sketch in combination with works on paper from the museum’s own collection that, like Morse’s painting, feature museum and gallery spaces as their subject matter.

Download the Key to the People and Art in Samuel F.B. Morse's Gallery of the Louvre.

Learn more about Morse and his achievements by watching these short videos.

Installation Photos

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This exhibition is organized by and with support from the Terra Foundation for American Art.

Sponsoring Partner: AZZ incorporated