Fresh Perspectives: Benito Huerta and the Collection

July 8, 2014–January 11, 2015
First floor

Fresh Perspectives: Benito Huerta and the Collection, an exhibition of Benito Huerta’s drawings, watercolors, and prints in combination with a selection of works on paper from the museum, brought a new voice to the interpretation of our collection and introduces audiences to the contradictions and convergences between our historic works on paper and the work of a contemporary artist. The creation of Fresh Perspectives involved close cooperation between the artist and the museum, as Huerta chose works that spoke to him from the vaults of the Carter to supplement works from his oeuvre chosen by Associate Curator Maggie Adler.

With images appropriated from popular culture and art history, Huerta’s art addresses politics, money, war, the environment, and Mexican culture. He adds a critical eye to his role as co-curator, combing through our collection to pick works often overlooked or that he has reinterpreted using an artist’s perspective.

This exhibition coincides with the Carter’s Atrium installation of Huerta’s large-scale painting, Axis Mundi v. 2.

Installation Photos

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