Carter at Home

Zoom into art!

Impress your coworkers and friends with artful backgrounds perfect for any meeting! From the bluebonnet fields of Texas to vistas of national parks, we’ve turned collection favorites into easy to use Zoom backgrounds.

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Three people in front of three background options for Zoom.

Cooped Up with the Carter

Bring the Carter to your crib with the new video series Cooped Up with the Carter! Each episode looks at an artwork in the Carter’s collection, and then a museum staff member or community partner leads you in a creative activity made from materials that everyone has lying around their house.

Art meets appetite in our Cooped Up with the Carter: In the Kitchen series! From cocktails to kolaches, Carter staff bring you homemade recipes that take art inspiration to a whole new level.

Masterpiece Memories

We’re bringing you vintage footage from the vaults that unlocks untold stories about the iconic works from our collection! Masterpiece Memories episodes reveal rarely known details about some of the highlights and fan favorites from the Carter’s collection, all told to you from our founder, Ruth Carter Stevenson (1923–2013). Filmed in 2006, Stevenson reflects on how many of the masterworks came to be part of the Carter’s collection and shares her memories of how the museum grew to become one of the best museums of American art in the country.

Pin-spiration from the Carter

Looking for a creative outlet to pass the time, or trying to capture your kiddo's imagination while they're home from school? Check out our Pinterest boards for artful activities to bring to your home!

Screenshots of two of the Carter's Pinterest boards.

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