Frances Flora Bond Palmer

Creator Details

  • Birth

    1812 (Leicester, England)

  • Death

    Aug. 20, 1876 (Brooklyn, New York)

Few names are as synonymous with Americana as Currier & Ives, the New York printmaking firm that marketed inexpensive prints to a popular audience during the mid-19th century. Much of the firm’s reputation hinges on Frances Flora Bond Palmer. During her lifetime, she produced hundreds of lithographs for Currier & Ives, including advertisements, architectural views, seascapes, disaster images, hunting scenes, landscapes, portraits, still lifes, battle accounts, and more, all while training illustrators and inventing refinements of the lithographic printing process. Because of gender biases and the commercial nature of her work, Palmer is often overlooked in histories of printmaking, but she was one of the most versatile artists in 19th-century America.


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