Guided Tours for Students

Guided Tour Topics

In addition to the following tour themes, we can create a custom tour for teachers who have a specific request that relates to the works of art that are currently on view:

  • Artists and the American West (second through twelfth grade)
    Students compare and contrast the ways that artists depicted the land and people of the American West.

  • Artists as Explorers (second through twelfth grade)
    This tour focuses on two types of artists: those who were first to explore and document the United States and those who later broke with convention to explore new ways of making art. For the Artists as Explorers pre-visit PowerPoint, please email and include "Artists as Explorers pre-visit" in the subject line.

  • The Bigger Picture (fifth grade)
    Students look beyond what they immediately see and discover multiple layers of meaning in works of art. Tour concepts are reinforced by a half-hour writing activity in the galleries.

  • Documenting Your World (second through twelfth grade)
    Students see works of art as primary sources and explore the ways in which artists created these works to document the world around them.

  • The Language of Art (first through twelfth grade)
    Students practice examining, decoding, and discussing works of art and using the elements and principles of art.

  • Picturing History Through Art (fifth through twelfth grade)
    Students examine the ways that works of art illustrate or were influenced by events that shaped our nation’s history.

  • Science and Art (third through twelfth grade)
    This tour explores how American artists assisted in making scientific discoveries or how they applied scientific principles to the development of their art.

  • Stories and Art (pre-K through second grade)
    Students are introduced to artists through reading and telling stories in the galleries.

  • Stories in American Art (fourth grade)
    This tour focuses on narratives that offer a starting point for students to create their own stories about the American West. The tour is followed by a half-hour writing activity in the galleries. For the Stories in American Art pre-visit PowerPoint, please email and include "Stories in American Art pre-visit" in the subject line.

All student tours correlate to curricular standards and are led by a team of professional Gallery Teachers who utilize question-based teaching strategies to engage students in discussions about the works of art. Tours last approximately one hour and can be accompanied by an optional half-hour writing activity in the galleries. School tours are free for students and chaperones.

“I want to let you know how much we enjoyed Friday's field trip. My students and teachers are still talking about it! This is the fourth year I have taken students to the Carter, and I am always amazed that [your] museum teachers are as excited to teach as they were the year before. We had so much fun learning!"
--- Gwen Hooste, North Riverside Elementary

Tours for Advanced Placement Students

The Amon Carter's education department offers Advanced Placement students a rare and concentrated glimpse into the world of American art. Tours complement the Advanced Placement Art History, Human Geography, Psychology, and U.S History curricula. Each tour is interactive and discusses how each work of art is a product of its historical and cultural contexts. Tours may be accompanied by a writing activity in the galleries that will prepare students for the AP exam.
The following tours are specifically designed for U.S. History students:

  • Art of the American West
    During this tour, students discover the important role that artists have played in creating and influencing our ideas regarding the people and places of the American West.

  • Landscape in the American Imagination
    The various ways that artists represent the American landscape and depict the changing relationship between people and their environment are surveyed in this tour.

  • Survey of American Art
    The purpose of this tour is twofold: to give students an overview of the important movements and developments in American art and to consider each artwork as a product of the political and cultural environments in which it was produced.


To schedule a tour, contact the Student Tour Scheduler at 817.989.5036 at least three weeks in advance of the date requested. Have the following information ready when you call:

  • School name
  • Grade level or age of the group
  • Number of students in the group and number of adult chaperones
  • Preferred date and time with three alternate dates and times in case your first choice is not available
  • Name, mailing address, email address, and phone number of contact person
  • Special needs, including English as a Second Language (ESL)


Please arrange for one adult chaperone to accompany every fifteen students. Chaperones must remain with their groups at all times and are responsible for student supervision in the museum.


A confirmation letter will be mailed to you after you book your tour.

A week before your tour, please call 817.989.5036 to confirm the date, time, and number in your group.