Self-Guided Tours for Students and Adults


Have the following information ready when you call:

  • School name
  • Grade level or age of the group
  • Number of students in the group and number of adult chaperones
  • Preferred date and time with three alternate dates and times in case your first choice is not available
  • Name, mailing address, email address, and phone number of contact person


Please arrange for one adult chaperone to accompany every fifteen students. Chaperones must remain with their groups at all times and are responsible for student supervision in the museum. Be sure all chaperones are familiar with the museum’s guidelines found in the Guide Your Student Brochure.


A confirmation letter will be sent to you after you book your self-guided tour. After you schedule your tour and before your visit to the museum, please review the Guide Your Student Brochure for self-guided groups with all participating teachers, students, and chaperones.

A week before your tour, please call 817.989.5036 to confirm the date, time, and number in your group.

In the Museum's Galleries

Scavenger hunts or other search-and-find activities are not allowed in the museum. Please discuss alternative learning activities with the Student Tour Scheduler when you schedule your tour.