Bio Files

The library collects ephemera on a range of American artists and photographers in the form of small exhibition catalogues, magazine and newspaper clippings, reproductions, resumes, and other printed matter. Many of the artists in these files do not have work in the museum’s art collection.

The index to names in these files may be searched by keyword using the search box below or by browsing by last name using the alphabet provided. The material contained in these files has not been digitized and is not directly accessible via this site. Please send questions about the contents of these files to or call the library reference desk, 817.989.5040.

Last name First name Suffix Alias Notes
Dooley John
Ferriss Hugh
Fischer Grit Kallin Fries, Margrit
Freeman Kenneth M. Digital media (CD-R) added 2011-12-14
Friedlander Isac
Goetzmann William H.
Gratz Donald
Hogan Tim
Huckaby Sedrick
Hudgens Steve
Kaplan Jerome
Keever Kim
Lamb Nancy
Mylayne Jean-Luc
Nelson George
Schallau Adam
Sheen Gabe
Stillings Jamey Digital media (CD-R) added 2011-12-14
Summers Robert Artist
Tyler Ron Tyler, Ronnie
Walton Alice
Woodman Donald
Bracco Dominic II
Brautigam Mark Digital media (CD-R) added 2012-03-28
Jones Nathan
Volk Leonard
Mahaney Mark Photographer
Yerkes Mary Agnes
Haunschild Joshua Photographer
Logan Herschel
Whitmore Ian J. Photographer
Tittsworth Ben
True Allen
Schles Ken Photographer
Pizzaroni Luca Photographer and painter
Guerrero Pedro E. Photographer
Mackay William Andrew
Berger Susan
Laptuta Christine
Moore Susan L.
Kantor Loli
Velum astra
Saloutos Lee
Sillman Sewell
Hemmerle Sean
Oubre Hayward
Taylor Buck
Seward C. A.
Bierstadt Edward
Williams Casey
Grammer George
McCollister R. L. (Robert Louis)
Weisner James I
Patterson Christian
Tomlinson Ron
Jalapeeno Jimmy
Stern Bert
Charlesworth Sarah
De Maria Walter Contents: NY Times obit
Parish Norman Content: Washington Post obit
Yoshida Ray
Slimane Hedi
Avedon Michael
Leonard David Painter from Austin
Crippens Kirk File started 2013-08-26
Palone Flynn Ranee Photographer; file added 2013-08-26
Teoli Daniel D. Jr. Photographer; file opened 2013-08-28
Schoepp Cam
Pamplin Robert B. Jr.
Grillo John
Webb Rebecca Norris Photographer
Lanyon Ellen
Smith Clifford
Montenegro Enrique
Canogar Rafael
Kerciu G. Ray
Christensen Robert Photographer
Ford Charles S. Dallas painter
Downs, Albert E. A.E. Downs, Lith, Boston
Day and Haghe William Day and William Day JR., Louis Haghe
Cleaveland John R.
Keister Roy C. File created 2014-01-06
Sultan Larry File created: 2014-01-07
Holt Cindi
Falconer John Mackie 2014-01-17: file added
Soukup Jill 2014-01-31 name added
Goldsmith Gertrude Gego
Hamilton Edgar S.
Luenser Brian Photographer
Wujcik Theo 1936-2014
Carey Ellen Digital media (CD-R) added 2014-06-13
Turounet Paul
Berry Kelly Digital media (DVD) added 2014-08-15
Huerta Benito
Hulme Etta
Merlin Maurice
Austing G. Ronald
Lokey A.
Crippens Kirk
Perloff Stephen