Bio Files

The library collects ephemera on a range of American artists and photographers in the form of small exhibition catalogues, magazine and newspaper clippings, reproductions, resumes, and other printed matter. Many of the artists in these files do not have work in the museum’s art collection.

The index to names in these files may be searched by keyword using the search box below or by browsing by last name using the alphabet provided. The material contained in these files has not been digitized and is not directly accessible via this site. Please send questions about the contents of these files to or call the library reference desk, 817.989.5040.

Last name First name Suffix Alias Notes
Vishniac Roman
Vitone Joseph
Vitone Salvatore
Vives-Atsaro Jose
Viviano Catherine
Vlaminck Maruice
Vogel Donald S.
Vogel Joseph
Vogels Dorothy and Herb
Volck Adalbert
Volkert Edward Charles
Vollmering Joseph
Vologjanin Nicoli
Volz Herman
Von Bruenchenhein Eugene
von dem Bussche Wolf
von der Lancken Frank
Von Hassler Carl
von Huene Stephan
von Iwonski Carl G.
von Marr Carl
Von Mattheissen Maria
von Ripper Rudolph Charles
von Schlegall David
Von Schleggell William
Von Schmidt Eric
Von Schmidt Harold
von Wicht John
Von Wiegand Charmion
Vonnoh Bessie Potter
Vonnoh Robert Williams
Vos Hubert
Voss Bill
Vroman Adam Clark
Vroman Harry
Vytlacil Vaclav
Wachtel Simon M.
Wachtmeister Ulla
Waddell John
Waddell Theodore
Wade Bob
Waggaman John
Wagner Albert
Wagner Catherine
Wagner Fred
Wagner Gordon
Wagner John Philip
Wagner Rick
Wagoner Robert
Wagstaff Samuel Jr.
Wahl Theodore
Wahnee Blanche
Waisler Lee
Wakabayaski Kazuo
Walburg Gerald
Walcott Harry Mills
Walcott Mary Vaux
Waldman Max
Waldo Samuel Lovett
Waldron Charles J.
Waldrum Harold Joe
Wale Samuel
Walker Frank
Walker Glenn Frank
Walker James
Walker James Perry
Walker Jeff
Walker Jimmy
Walker John
Walker Kara
Walker L. E. Lewis E.
Walker Peter
Walker Robert
Walker Stuart
Walker Todd
Walker William Aiken
Walkowitz Abraham
Wall Bernhardt
Wall Jeff
Wall Ralph
Wall William Coventry
Wall William Guy Digital media (DVD-R, CD-R) added 2012-07-10
Wall William Allen
Wall William Archibald
Wallen R. T.
Wallihan A. G. Allen Grant
Wallin David
Wallis Alfred
Walmsley Elizabeth
Walter Martha
Walter Carl
Walters Curt
Walters Samuel
Walton Henry
Walton William
Walz Barbra
Warburg Edward
Ward Catherine Weed
Ward Charles Caleb