Bio Files

The library collects ephemera on a range of American artists and photographers in the form of small exhibition catalogues, magazine and newspaper clippings, reproductions, resumes, and other printed matter. Many of the artists in these files do not have work in the museum’s art collection.

The index to names in these files may be searched by keyword using the search box below or by browsing by last name using the alphabet provided. The material contained in these files has not been digitized and is not directly accessible via this site. Please send questions about the contents of these files to or call the library reference desk, 817.989.5040.

Last name First name Suffix Alias Notes
Chambers Willie M.
Chambi Martin
Chamlee Paula
Champney Benjamin
Champney James Wells
Chandler Joseph Goodhue
Chandler Lucretia Ann Waite
Chandler Sean
Chandler Winthrop
Chandor Douglas
Chanin A. L.
Chanler Robert Winthrop
Chann George
Chanute O.
Chapelle Dickey
Chapin Bryant
Chapin Francis
Chapin Frederick
Chapin James
Chapin John R.
Chapman Charles S.
Chapman Conrad Wise
Chapman Frederick A.
Chapman John Linton
Chapman John Gadsby
Chapman Minerva J.
Chapman Neil
Chappell Alonzo
Chappell Walter
Chappell Warren
Charlesworth Bruce
Charlot Jean
Charriere Gerard
Charter S. R.
Chasanoff Allan
Chase Ann
Chase Doris
Chase Frank Swift
Chase J. Smeaton
Chase William Merritt
Chatham Russell
Chatterton Clarence K.
Chavez Eduardo
Cheek Vernon
Cheffetz Asa
Chen Jack
Chenet Jack
Cheney John
Cheney Philip
Cheney Seth Wells
Chermayeff Ivan
Chernewski Anita
Cherney Marvin
Cherry Herman
Cherry Vivian
Cherry Wendel & Dorothy
Chester Mark
Chi Chen
Chiarenza Carl
Chicago Judy
Chihuly Dale
Child Thomas
Childers Richard
Childress Doris
Childs Bernard
Chimes Thomas
Chin Allen
Chiriacka Ernest
Chmiel Len
Choate John N.
Chodkowski Henry
Chodowiecki Daniel
Choris Ludwig
Christenberry William
Christensen C. C. A.
Christensen James C.
Christian John
Christ-Janer Albert
Christopher William
Christy Howard Chandler
Chumley John
Church Frederic Edwin
Church Frederick Stuart
Church Henry Jr.
Churchill Alfred Vance
Churchill Ward
Ciampaglia Carlo
Cinello Losi
Cirigliana Roy
Cirincione D. J. Nick
Cisneros Jose
Citret Mark
Citron Minna
Clad Jean
Clague Richard
Clapp Frederick Mortimer
Clapp William Henry
Clark Allan