Bio Files

The library collects ephemera on a range of American artists and photographers in the form of small exhibition catalogues, magazine and newspaper clippings, reproductions, resumes, and other printed matter. Many of the artists in these files do not have work in the museum’s art collection.

The index to names in these files may be searched by keyword using the search box below or by browsing by last name using the alphabet provided. The material contained in these files has not been digitized and is not directly accessible via this site. Please send questions about the contents of these files to or call the library reference desk, 817.989.5040.

Last name First name Suffix Alias Notes
Brown Laurie
Brown Christopher photographer
Brown William Carl Jr.
Brown Don
Brown Henry Kirke
Brown Mather
Brown Bolton
Brown Grafton Tyler
Brown Joan
Brown Richard
Brown Dean
Brown Henry James
Brown Lynne
Brown Benjamin Chambers
Brown George Loring
Brown Hilda Wilkinson
Brown J. G. John George
Brown Peter
Browne John Ross
Browne Frederic
Browne John C.
Browne George Elmer
Browne Byron
Browne Rosalind Bengelsdorf
Browne Belmore
Brownell Charles De Wolf
Browning Colleen
Brownlow David
Brownscombe Jennie Augusta
Brozek James
Bruce Patrick Henry
Bruce Granville
Bruce Edward
Brucker Edmund
Bruegel Pieter
Bruehl Anton
Bruff Joseph Goldsborough
Bruguiere Francis Joseph
Bruinekool Roger
Brummel Chester
Brunet Adele
Brush George de Forest
Brush Gloria DeFilipps
Brussel-Smith Bernard
Bryan Julien
Bryan William Edward
Bryan S. Morgan
Bryant William Cullen
Bryant Will
Bryant Jack
Bryant Harold
Bryant Cynthia
Bryers Duane
Bryson Bernarda
Bubley Esther
Bubriski Kevin E.
Bucci Andrew
Buchanan Kevin
Buchman Albert
Buchser Frank
Buck John
Buck Claude
Buck William H.
Buckham Alfred G.
Budington Jonathan
Budnik Dan
Buechel Eugene
Buehman Albert
Buehr Karl Albert
Buff Conrad
Buffalo Benjamin
Bufford John Henry
Bugbee H. D. Harold Dow
Buggiani Paolo
Buie Donna
Bull Charles Livingston
Bull Clarence Sinclair
Bullard Otis A.
Bullaty Sonja
Buller Cecil
Bullock Wynn
Bullock John G.
Bullock Edna
Bulman Orville
Bultman Fritz
Bunce Louis
Bundy Horace
Bunker George
Bunker Dennis Miller
Bunnell Charles
Bunnett Henry
Burbank E. A.
Burchard Jerry
Burchfield Charles E.
Burchman Jerrold
Burckhardt Rudy
Burden Shirley
Burdette Hattie
Burdick Tex
Burford Robert