Distance Learning

Can’t visit us? We’ll visit you–virtually!

The Amon Carter Museum of American Art offers a variety of interdisciplinary, interactive distance learning programs that bring the museum to your classroom. Focusing on Amon Carter’s collection, a museum educator engages teacher and student audiences in discussions and activities exploring art, culture, history, language arts, science, and more. Curriculum-based programs align with state and national standards. Most programs offered may be modified according to grade level and curricular specifications. Special program requests are reviewed with three weeks’ notice.
Technology Requirements:

All connections for distance learning programs with the Amon Carter are made through Zoom, an easy-to-use, web-based platform.

What you need to connect:

  • Reliable Internet connection
  • A webcam so we can see your class
  • A microphone so we can hear your questions and comments
  • Speakers so you can hear us
  • The ability to project your computer screen to your classroom (preferred)

A test call will be scheduled upon registration.

How to Register:

Please email distancelearning@cartermuseum.org or call 817.989.5032 if you need to cancel a scheduled distance learning program.

Popular Programs:

  • Art of the American West (grades 5–12)
    History, Social Studies, Visual Arts
    Analyze the ways that artists have interpreted the western United States since the nineteenth century. Topics include archetypal figures in the West, Manifest Destiny, the Transcontinental Railroad, Westward Expansion, and more.

  • Artists Exploring (grades 5–12)
    History, Social Studies, Visual Arts
    Think critically to uncover ways that artists can act as explorers, considering those who first explored and documented the United States and those who later broke with convention to explore new ways of making art.

  • Encountering Texas (grades 3–7)
    History, Language Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts
    View and discuss the work of artists, including James Gilchrist Benton, Edward Everett, and Sarah Ann Lillie Hardinge, who joined the vast migration of Americans headed to the newly formed state of Texas in the 1840s.

  • How to Make an Artist (grades PreK–2)
    Language Arts, Visual Arts
    Discover American artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Frederic Remington, and Thomas Moran by looking at and discussing their artworks and reading picture-book biographies.

  • Picturing History through American Art (grades 5–12 and Advanced Placement)
    History, Social Studies, Visual Arts
    Examine works of art from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries that reflect events from U.S. history. Connections are made to broad historical themes such as National Identity, Manifest Destiny, Industrialization, the Gilded Age, WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, artistic and intellectual movements, and more.

  • STEM to STEAM (grades 1–7)
    Math, Science, Visual Arts
    Explore how artists use Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic concepts and processes by analyzing carefully chosen artworks.

  • Stories in American Art (grades 3–6)
    Language Arts, Visual Arts
    Using artwork as a starting point, students practice character development, sequence of events, settings, point of view, expository writing, poetry, and more.

  • Through the Lens of Erwin E. Smith (grades K–12)
    History, Language Arts, Social Studies, Visual Arts
    Experience the lifestyle of a cowboy through the photographs of Texas-born Erwin E. Smith, and paintings and sculpture by western artists Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell. These primary sources tell the story of the American cowboy during the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. This program is made possible by a grant from the Erwin E. Smith Foundation.

Distance Learning for Educators

Incorporate visual art into all areas of your curriculum to enliven instructional design, motivate students, and increase learning. Strengthen your district’s professional development plan by scheduling your staff for an interactive distance-learning experience with the Amon Carter. Participating teachers receive CDs with related digital images, image guides, and classroom activities tied to state and national teaching standards. For more information (including descriptions, titles, and fee structure) and to schedule programs on your designated staff development dates, call 817.989.5032 or email distancelearning@cartermuseum.org