Meet Me at the Trinity: Photographs by Terry Evans

August 30, 2014January 25, 2015
In conjunction with the exhibition Navigating the West: George Caleb Bingham and the River opening in October, the Amon Carter Museum has commissioned Chicago-based artist Terry Evans to photograph the Trinity River as it runs through Fort Worth. Evans is one of the nation’s acclaimed landscape photographers, and her works offer Amon Carter visitors an opportunity to think about our local river in the context of Bingham’s nineteenth-century work. The exhibition will include approximately forty-one, large-scale color photographs that depict the river’s look and culture, including its distinct channeling and the people drawn to its banks. Evans’s photographs are in the Amon Carter collection and can be found in the holdings of other major museums including the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington D.C.

While in the exhibition, pick up different conversation cubes to read feedback about what the Trinity River means to community members.

Meet Me at the Trinity: Photographs by Terry Evans is organized by the Amon Carter Museum of American Art and is made possible in part by the Meta Alice Keith Bratten Foundation and Tracy Holmes.

Meet Me at the Trinity_ACMAA from Amon Carter Museum on Vimeo


You should have hired Brian Luenser for your Meet Me at
the Trinity: Have you seen his work? It is his home and there is no one with greater Love with pictures than him. Just saying!

These images are some of the worst I have ever seen of our Trinity River. Anyone with a point and shoot could have taken these. Acclaimed? I fail to understand why you would hire someone NOT FROM OUR CITY to showcase it when you have an extremely talented and generous photographer living right in the heart of downtown, Mr. Brian Luenser. I will not be visiting your museum until this horrible exhibit is removed.

I can't believe you paid a non Texan to take pictures of our beautiful city when Fort Worth has Brian Luenser! What a waste of money. Sometimes art is not about the name and fame. It's about capturing the essence. She failed.

This exhibit is one of the primary reasons I do not visit the Amon Carter - this is NOT art and this is NOT the Fort Worth or the Trinity River I know. We have such amazing photographers here (Brian Luenser, for example), who could have created a spectacular exhibit, and you instead brought someone in from the outside, someone who doesn't know our past and doesn't care about our future. Shame on you!

It seems in poor taste to have selected someone who is not from Texas and who knows and appreciates the area to do this project. If the intent was to show the Trinity negatively, one could consider the event a success. Perhaps the wiser choice would have been to have local artist to submit and then judge from those. Now, the pictures help void much of the good that downtown and the surrounding area has worked to revitalize and change the image of Ft. Worth. The photography shows little depth and local texture and lends more to 'point and shoot.' Very disappointing.

As a life long resident of Ft. Worth, I am deeply disappointed that this organization would even consider showcasing this portfolio from a photographer who was obviously not impressed with our beautiful City and especially not with the Trinity River. The Ft Worth Star Telegram stated that the photographer and the writer of the article found nothing to photograph....are you serious?? This person was flown in for 5 trips, yet the City of FTW uses a wonderful, VERY talented local resident who actually LOVES our City, Mr Brian Luenser. Brian has taken gorgeous photos and takes them daily - I feel the residents of this wonderful city are owed a apology by your organization, the Star T and the photographer!

While I'm sure Ms. Evans is a fine photographer, I'm quite disappointed that the Amon Carter would not go with a local photographer. Brian Luensar's love and passion for the city of Ft. Worth is seen in every photograph he takes. That someone who lives in and loves this city was not given the opportunity to showcase her and her beautiful Trinity River with his gifted works is criminal.

I can't believe you all paid an outsider to photograph our hometown! These pictures are ridiculous & very insulting! Maybe next time someone will do some research of local photographers! Brian Luenser would have made you & the whole city proud! How insulting. So disappointed in Amon Carter Museum!

I cannot believe that you would display these photographs of someone who doesn't even live in Fort Worth much less the State of Texas when we have an excellent photographer who lives right in the heart of downtown Fort Worth and takes 100 times better photographs than these that far more depict the Trinity River AND Fort Worth, Texas. His name is Brian Luenser. His photographs far out weigh the photographs that you are allowing to be displayed. If I were to see these and didn't live in this state I WOULD NOT want to come here to visit. If I were to see the ones that Mr. Luenser does I would think that is a beautiful city and would love to come see it. You have totally lost your minds. I will not come see this exhibit.

These are horrible pictures with NO "life" to them. The Trinity river is beautiful and clean and these pictures don't capture either one. It's sad that y'all paid someone to come take pictures that was not familiar with the area, and could not capture the true spirit of a beautiful place.

"Meet me at the Trinity", I am sorely disappointed that the Amon Carter Museum authorized and paid for these distasteful pictures for an exhibit in Fort Worth. I have seen some quite incredible photographs of our Trinity River...none are in this exhibit.

Would love to see you showcase the photographs of Brian Luenser. His snapshots of the Trinity River are outstanding. The photos he takes all over a Fort Worth are certainly worth your time and attention. Thank you very much. ~ Diane Kissel

I'm very disappointed with both the portrayal of our Trinity River, and the seemingly unskilled photographer you commissioned to compose the portfolio. The Trinity is not perfect, but certainly there is a far more optimistic tale to tell—and any novice with an iPhone could have taken these shots. I'd recommend that Evans spend some time studying exposure theory and composition. Should have gone with Brian. Come on, guys.

You have completely misrepresented the Trinity River. Everyone sees things differently. This is clearly one negative biased opinion. You should be ashamed to portray our city and our river this way.

Boooo! Horrible photos that are in no way representative of the beauty of the Trinity. You needn't look any further than Fort Worth's own Brian Luenser to find someone that captures the real beauty of the river. Missed opportunity.

You should have gotten Brian luester to take the photos
He does much better work around Ft.Worth
I love his pictures and so do many others!!!

I personally think Brian L. for photographer would have veen a better choice. Really really dissapointed.

Unbelievably disappointed in Amon carter.

I am highly disappointed that you would choose an out of state photographer to take photos of our Trinity River. Not only should a Texas artist have been used, the exhibit should at least represent the beautiful parts of the river as well. It is extremely one sided and appears to be pushing the view points of an artist who only sees the negative in life. What a poor representation of a river that has awoken and is teeming with new life. Where are the representations of downtown's gleaming buildings in the distance? Where are the kayakers? Where is the yoga on paddle boards? Where are the fire works? I am very disappointed that a museum with Amon Carter's name on it, would represent Fort Worth in such a dismal manner.

These are not even good photographs. How are the worthy of a museum exhibit? Not a good decision to spend money on a project of such poor quality. Bad decisions like this could negatively affect future private donations.

Is this all there is about the Trinity River? As someone born in Chicago and has lived in Fort Worth since 1968, I'm disappointed. There are quality photographers in our city who could have done a more thorough job and I would venture to say, for a lot less money. Even a contest or invitation for locals to send pics of the Trinity would have gotten a better selection and generated more interest in visiting the museum.

I am appalled, both at the poor quality of these photographs, and the fact that you chose not to use a local photographer to capture images of our city. These pictures could have been taken anywhere. They say nothing about Fort Worth, and do nothing to promote it as a place to visit.
What a missed opportunity. Do you really think it was worth paying her for five trips here, to get dross like this?

You wasted your money... Rather than bring in an outsider, you should have asked local Ft Worth photographer BRIAN LUENSER to provide the photos for your Trinity Exhibit. NO ONE knows and loves the Trinity River and Ft Worth more than Brian.
I feel you owe the citizens of Ft Worth two things: an apology, and an exhibition of Brian's work. He puts Ms Evans to shame.

Where on earth did you find this obviously amateur photographer????? Her photographs are absolutely horrible. She really, really needs to take some lessons in photography from Brian Luenser!! He really knows how to photograph our beautiful city and the Trinity River!!!! I can't believe that you wasted money hiring her. You should be ashamed of yourself for not looking to our local talented artists to photograph our great city and all of our assets!!!!!!!!

Really! This is what you are putting on display? What a shame. Those pictures are not a good representation of the Trinity or the people of Fort Worth. There wasn't one good picture of the Trinity. Not one. I understand that not all of Fort Worth is beautiful, but this????

I much prefer the heart and soul and beauty that our hometown photographer, Brian Luenser captures in his photos of our Trinity River. Terry's photos lack depth and emotion of what we hold dear. Photographer seems to have a cynical view of our city and is looking for the unappealing. I guess it boils down to the photographer's eye and just how she views our city as an outsider.

I know art is in the eye of the beholder but, Wow, I could have done a better job with my iPhone camera. Amon Carter should have hired someone with more talent, like Brian Luenser who lives in Fort Worth. Check out his #mytrinity photos on Facebook if you want to see real talent.


Lackluster is my best description for this gallery. There have been many artists that could have captured the Trinity River with more refined and stimulating results. I feel let down by this body of work and have hopes that the Amon Carter Museum will, in the future, screen artist's work before commissioning them for projects. A name is nothing without substance. Ms. Evans photographs (even from other works) are basic. It is with regret that I write this and I do hope that future monies be spent with better discernment.

The photos of the Trinity are pitiful and ugly. Obviously, the photographer is not from Fort Worth. What were you thinking? None of these would make me want to come here to see the river in person. Get your money back!

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