Meet Me at the Trinity: Photographs by Terry Evans

August 30, 2014January 25, 2015

In conjunction with the exhibition Navigating the West: George Caleb Bingham and the River opening in October, the Amon Carter Museum has commissioned Chicago-based artist Terry Evans to photograph the Trinity River as it runs through Fort Worth. Evans is one of the nation’s acclaimed landscape photographers, and her works offer Amon Carter visitors an opportunity to think about our local river in the context of Bingham’s nineteenth-century work. The exhibition will include approximately forty-one, large-scale color photographs that depict the river’s look and culture, including its distinct channeling and the people drawn to its banks. Evans’s photographs are in the Amon Carter collection and can be found in the holdings of other major museums including the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Modern Art, New York, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington D.C.

While in the exhibition, pick up different conversation cubes to read feedback about what the Trinity River means to community members.

Read an interview with curator John Rohrbach and the artist in the online journal Places.

Meet Me at the Trinity: Photographs by Terry Evans is organized by the Amon Carter Museum of American Art and is made possible in part by the Meta Alice Keith Bratten Foundation and Tracy Holmes.


The mistake this photographer made was doing something that showed the reality of the Trinity and not just the positive things!

I don't know Bryan Luenser, he may be a fine photographer. There are a lot of really good photographers in Fort Worth. So I agree getting something local would be best.

But it looks like someone is pretending to be multiple people to spam his work on this page. I wonder if anyone has checked the ip address in the logs.

If i read one more comment mentioning Brian Luenser I will seriously punch the computer.

Brian Luenser is overrated! High School students take better pictures. Owning a camera doesn't make you a photographer.

This is not my city or river! These pictures don't display the life and heart of our city, river or trail system! Where are the families having picnics, the fishermen/women, runners and the cyclists!
With all the new murals, bridges, beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the river surely this could have been captured on film! You have to know a city to capture the real city, obviously this person doesn't know us....

All of these comments are obviously written by the same person--Brian Luenser--who is disappointed that the museum did not hire him for this project. I think Terry Evan's images are wonderful and think she did a great job of portraying Fort Worth and our loved Trinity River.

As a photographer may I always be too busy honing my own skills, seeking new vision, to be critical of another photographer's work.
As a photographer may I always find a way to be inspired by a fellow photographer's eye on a subject.
As a photographer may I always be grateful for the work that I get and gracious about the work that a fellow photographer gets.

I must say this is the worst images I have ever seen. Why in the world would you pay someone from Chicago?? Really?? The most amazing photographer Brian Luenser from our city who loves our city, would have been an appropriate choice! Have you not seen his work? Aazing, but this here is the worst set of images for our city ever!

At a time when our state is in a serious drought and water issues are of paramount importance, I appreciate the vision of an outsider who sees the Trinity through another lens. These are real and honestly interpret the river that I know. It's decent art doing what art should do, i.e. make us think and create a serious discussion about the world around us.

AWEFUL pictures of the Trinity River!! It is a waste of time and money! You have made Fort Worth and The Trinity River look like trash when it is not! The City and River are beautiful. Perhaps next time hire someone with passion for photography and our city and who can take pictures, someone like Brian Luenser. I am very disappointed and do not understand why you would want outsiders to view Fort Worth in such an ugly way,

Who supplied her with the disposable camera? Seriously, worst pictures I have ever seen.

The photographer must be someone's sister, daughter, cousin ... No other reason we can think of that she would be paid for those photos. Brian Luenser is a local guy who understands what we like. His photos are a true reflection of our town.

I can't even look at her work after the beauty I have witnessed in person(my home town), and through the camera of Brian Luenser. Put their work side by side. Need i say more? It's not just is a love for this City and the People and our Traditions. She may be a talented photographer, but you can't bring even a great photographer in from the outside and come close to matching the love and talent that already lies right here in FORT WORTH!!!

I am very disappointed in Amon Carter Museum for not hiring Fort Worth's very own Brian Luenser . Fort Worth has ALWAYS supported its own folks & if Mr. Amon Carter himeslf was still alive, this would have never happened. Have you actually looked at the pictures that represent the Trinity River? Very poor pictures & they DO NOT COMPARE to Mr Luenser photography. What a disgrace to the wonderful city of Fort Worth. Personally, I think you owe Mr Luenser an apology along with the wonderful people of Fort Worth.

This Meet me at the Trinity display is what people from the north feel about us here in shows nothing of the warmth and beauty of this wonderful city. I am truly sorry that whoever arranged this had so little pride in Ft. Worth..I hope Terry Evans reads this and takes another look..

BRIAN LUENSER, should have been choosen

See Fort Worth through the eyes of a man who captures this city best!

Get to know Brian Luenser

I'm very disappointed with the photographs included in this exhibit. If our beautiful river truly looked the way Ms. Evans portrayed it, nobody would be "meeting" there. In the future, I would encourage you all to look at local artists who truly know and love Fort Worth, such as Mr. Brian Leusner. His photographs are fantastic and inspiring. #mytrinity

Meh, should've got Alec Soth.

First I want to say to those criticizing Terry Evan's work you are entitled to your opinion but being rude and cruel is not necessary. Remember your Southern hospitality. Art is objective and I believe that Evans captured an accurate portrayal of our current Trinity River system. The river has been ignored and neglected for decades by North Texas cities and we are at the very beginning of a renaissance. The Trinity has been an afterthought by urban planners and this is an accurate portrayal of how the river is incorporated into our cities. The Trinity has long suffered from neglect, pollution, highways destroying habitats, displaced wildlife, etc. Many cities around the world design around their waterways and protect them at all costs. If you look at North Texas cities as a whole, we have incorporated the river in urban planning late in the game. I am proud of North Texas cities for the strides we have made to restore the ecosystem and incorporate the Trinity back into our urban designs. Do not look at her work so critical. Look at it as an admission of the many obstacles we still face and the many successes that have been accomplished. Brian Luenser is a great photographer as is Evans but they have completely different techniques and perspectives. They are both artists and deserve respect. Evans perspective is valuable to how others see our city and Amon Carter was looking for an alternate viewpoint.

I am embarrassed that Ms. Evans photos are meant to portray our Trinity River, and that Amon Carter Museum is representing the images as our river.
I am disappointed that Amon Carter Museum, & John Rohrbach chose to select a photographer from another state. Much less pay her an exhorbitant amount of money, and fly her to Ft. Worth 5 times. So ridiculous. There are countless talented photographers here in our own hometown and I am certain that each of them would have photographed the Trinity River with passion, creativity, and skill.
I realize Ms. Evans is a professional photographer of 41 years, but it appears she does not have perspective or respect for #mytrinity, nor did she photograph with quality composition & exposure. Her images are lackluster at best.
My 5 year old neighbor takes better photographs with his mom's iphone. Perhaps because his perspective is low to the ground he sees things differently, or maybe his images are more interesting because he has soul?
Even if Ms. Evans intent was to evoke thought from her images, they don't represent a specific city or body of water. Images of muddy water and a baby in a woman's arms could have been taken anywhere.
*Perhaps Ms. Evans could learn from the famous photographer Dorothea Lange who photographed the Dust Bowl era with passion. She told stories in her images of joy, to perserverance , hope, fear, and strength. Fortunately, Ms. Lange did not simply photograph some dried cracked dirt, and a random tree.
I am appalled that the museum did not research & select a photographer from our talented base of artists here in Fort Worth. I am saddened that this project could have been filled with inspiration and pride for the Trinity River & Fort Worth from an artist with heart & soul, vs. the shoddy images provided by Ms. Evans.
I bet Amon G. Carter is rolling over in his grave knowing this woman felt "there's nothing to photograph here"!

I applaud your initiative to create an exhibit that showcases such giant part of our city's history, present and future. Being a city-centric piece of work, I believe you truly missed a great opportunity to showcase local talent like Brian Luenser. He has his heart invested into this theme instead of being a lens for hire. While there is a certain beauty in Terry's work, those photos could be anywhere. Her photos do not represent "MY" Trinity. I feel you missed the mark on this one.

The Amon Carter Museum tells us that Terry Evans is an "acclaimed landscape photographer" whom it commissioned to photograph "the Trinity River as it runs through Fort Worth." Did she succeed in doing that? Did she produce some excellent landscape photography? Did she show us the Trinity River? To all of those questions, the answer is no.

Paying a non local to represent OUR Trinity River was a poor business decision. Decisions like this sends a negative message to OUR GREAT local artists, and could negatively affect future private donations. Keep it local Amon Carter.

The Amon Carter Museum tells us that Terry Evans is an "acclaimed landscape photographer" whom it commissioned to photograph "the Trinity River as it runs through Fort Worth." Did she succeed in doing that? Did she produce some excellent landscape photography? Did she show us the Trinity River? To all of those questions, the answer is no.

Such a sad portrayal of our city and river. Where are the pictures of the people working to beautify the river during the Trash Bash, the joy of Mayfest, the view of our skyline from the banks of the the river, the thousand of people and the fireworks display for the 4th of the July?

The photos of the Trinity are pitiful and ugly. Obviously, the photographer is not from Fort Worth. What were you thinking? None of these would make me want to come here to see the river in person. Get your money back!

Lackluster is my best description for this gallery. There have been many artists that could have captured the Trinity River with more refined and stimulating results. I feel let down by this body of work and have hopes that the Amon Carter Museum will, in the future, screen artist's work before commissioning them for projects. A name is nothing without substance. Ms. Evans photographs (even from other works) are basic. It is with regret that I write this and I do hope that future monies be spent with better discernment.


I know art is in the eye of the beholder but, Wow, I could have done a better job with my iPhone camera. Amon Carter should have hired someone with more talent, like Brian Luenser who lives in Fort Worth. Check out his #mytrinity photos on Facebook if you want to see real talent.

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