Current Exhibitions

November 8, 2014January 18, 2015

Drawn entirely from the museum’s collection, the prints reveal how the American woodcut has evolved over the past century. While many of the prints retain their connections to traditional methods of woodblock printing, they all reveal a pliant medium capable of bold new forms of artistic expression. The exhibition includes prints by a number of major figures in the field, including Gustave Baumann, Paul Landacre, and Clare Leighton. Also included in the exhibition are several illustrated books featuring woodcuts or wood engravings from museum’s research library.

October 2, 2014January 18, 2015
Navigating the West, a dynamic exhibition featuring sixteen iconic river paintings and fifty drawings, reveals for the first time how George Caleb Bingham (1811–1879) created his art and artistic persona at a time when American painting, like the country, was dramatically shifting. Then and now our nation’s waterways—how they are used, controlled, and the lives of the people closest to them—remain a current and important issue.
August 30, 2014January 25, 2015

In conjunction with the exhibition Navigating the West: George Caleb Bingham and the River opening in October, the Amon Carter Museum has commissioned Chicago-based artist Terry Evans to photograph the Trinity River as it runs through Fort Worth. Evans is one of the nation’s acclaimed landscape photographers, and her works offer Amon Carter visitors an opportunity to think about our local river in the context of Bingham’s nineteenth-century work.

July 8, 2014January 11, 2015

Amon Carter assistant curator Maggie Adler and local contemporary artist Benito Huerta have joined forces in an exhibition of Huerta’s drawings, watercolors, and prints in combination with a selection of works on paper from the museum. Fresh Perspectives: Benito Huerta and the Collection brings a new voice to the interpretation of our collection and introduces audiences to the contradictions and convergences between our historic works on paper and the work of a contemporary artist.

May 13, 2014May 17, 2015

This exhibition will close temporarily on February 1; it will reopen on February 21. Ever since Leonardo da Vinci created his celebrated Mona Lisa, artists have tried to paint portraits as distinctive as this Renaissance masterpiece. See how Texas artists established their own portrait tradition in this installation that pairs artists’ self-portraits with those of their close friends, relatives, and colleagues.

February 25, 2014January 11, 2015

Local artist Benito Huerta strives to expand the boundaries of art by creating works that are symbolic, interactive, and relevant to viewers. Having completed many public art commissions, such as designs for Terminal D at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and the Mexican-American Cultural Center in Austin, and serving as professor and director/curator for the Gallery at University of Texas at Arlington since 1997, Huerta understands what it means to make artworks that are physically and psychologically integral to the community.