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Portfolios by Eliot Porter

American Birds: Ten Photographs in Color
New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1953
Halftone color photographs by the publisher
Introduction by Eliot Porter
No edition size noted

  1. Black-chinned Hummingbird, Juvenile, at Trumpet Flower, Alcalde, New Mexico, August 1951
  2. Red-shafted Flicker, Male with Young, at Nest in Apple Tree, Tesuque, New Mexico, June 1950
  3. Alder Flycatcher at Nest in Raspberry Bush, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, July 1940
  4. Barn Swallow, Female and Young, at Nest in Cow Barn, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, July 1949
  5. Florida Jay at Nest in Palmetto Two Feet High, Central Florida, May 1946
  6. Western Bluebird, Male, at Nest Hold in Apple Tree, Tesuque, New Mexico, May 1948
  7. Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Male, at Nest in Colorado Blue Spruce Which Has Been Lowered from Tree Top to Ground Level, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico, July 1951
  8. Northern Parula Warbler, Male, at Nest in Usnea Lichen Twenty Feet High, Photographed from Erected Platform, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, June 1953
  9. Scarlet Tanager, Male, at Nest Thirty Feet High in Oak Tree, Photographed from Blind on Platform Built in Tree, Battle Creek, Michigan, June 1947
  10. Western Blue Grosbeaks, Male and Female, at Nest in Seedling Wild Plum Tree, About Thirty Inches High, Tesuque Indian Pueblo, New Mexico, July 1951


The Seasons
San Francisco: Sierra Club, 1964
Printed by Jorge Fick; approved by Eliot Porter
Introduction by Eliot Porter
Edition: 105; 100 for sale; Copy 101
Gift of Jonathan Porter

  1. Maple Blossoms in a Woodland Pool, New Hampshire, May 1961
  2. Rhodora, New Hampshire, May 1953
  3. Aspens in Early Spring, New Mexico, June 1957
  4. Eroded Rock, New Mexico, July 1953
  5. Foxtail Grass, Colorado, August 1957
  6. Weeds in Rock Cracks, Maine, August 1955
  7. Ponderosa Pine, New Mexico, August 1960
  8. Spruce Trees and River, Colorado, September 1959
  9. Yellow Aspens, Colorado, September 1951
  10. Cypress Swamp, Florida, February 1954
  11. Snow and Grass, Colorado, September 1959
  12. Snow on Sand Dunes, Colorado, September 1959


San Francisco: Sierra Club, 1977
Twelve dye transfer prints by Color Corporation of America approved by Eliot Porter
One page text by Eliot Porter
Portfolio designed with help of Albert M. Cetta, Art Director of E. P. Dutton
Edition: 100 and 10 APs; Copy 110

  1. Tarn and Cotton Grass, Fjordharheidhi
  2. Pinks on Glacial Moraine, South Coast
  3. Small Stream in Cinders, Skeljafell
  4. White Flowers in Black Ash Cliff, Breidhidalur
  5. Ice in Glacial Lake, Fjallsarlon, South Coast
  6. Lichens on River Stones, South Coast
  7. Fractured Obsidian, Landmannalauger
  8. Steam Vent, Landmannalauger
  9. Sea-Weed at Low Tide, Hellnar, Snaefelknes
  10. Wind-Eroded Volcanic Ash, Kleifarvatn
  11. Abandoned Farm, South Coast
  12. River Canyon Junction, Oxnadalsheidhi


Birds in Flight
Santa Fe and New York: Bell Editions, 1978
Introduction by Eliot Porter
Printed by the artist
Designer:† Eleanor Caponigro
Edition: 20, plus 6 APs; unnumbered copy

  1. Osprey, Penobscot Bay, Maine
  2. Barn Swallow, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine
  3. Chipping Sparrow, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine
  4. Parula Warbler, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine
  5. Wood Ibis, Corkscrew Swamp, Florida
  6. Arctic Tern, Matinicus Rock, Maine
  7. Blue-Throated Hummingbird, Chiricahua Mountains, Arizona
  8. Snowy Egret, Everglades National Park, Florida


Intimate Landscapes
New York: Daniel Wolf Press Inc., 1979
Ten dye transfer prints by Berkey K&L approved by Eliot Porter
Designed by Eleanor Caponigro
Edition: 250; Copy 3

  1. Redbud Trees in Bottomland, Near Red River Gorge, Kentucky, April 17, 1968
  2. Colorful Trees, Newfound Gap Road, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee, October 1967
  3. Foxtail Grass, Lake City, Colorado, August 1957
  4. Shadbush, Near Hillsborough, New Hampshire, April 28, 1957
  5. Columbine Leaves, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, July 27, 1974
  6. Frostbitten Apples, Tesuque, New Mexico, November 21, 1966
  7. Trunks of Maple and Birch with Oak Leaves, Passaconaway Road, New Hampshire, October 7, 1956
  8. Stones and Cracked Mud, Black Place, New Mexico, June 9, 1977
  9. Rock-Eroded Stream Bed, Coyote Gulch, Utah, August 14, 1971
  10. River Edge at Sunset, Below Paiute Rapids, San Juan River, Colorado, May 24, 1962


American Birds
Santa Fe: Bell Editions for the National Audubon Society, 1980
Color halftones printed by the publisher
No edition size noted

  1. Blue-winged Warbler, Vermivora pinus
  2. Blackburnian Warbler, Dendroica fusca


Glen Canyon†
New York: David Wolf Press, Inc., 1980
Dye transfer prints by Berkey K&L approved by Eliot Porter
Designed by Eleanor Caponigro
Brief quote by Eliot Porter in cover pages
Edition of 250; Copy 1

  1. Coyote Gulch, Escalante River, August 17, 1971
  2. Cliff, Moonlight Creek, San Juan River, May 23, 1962
  3. Reflections in Pool, Indian Creek, Escalante River, September 22, 1965
  4. Redbud in Bloom, Hidden Passage, Glen Canyon, April 10, 1963
  5. Green Reflections in Stream, Moqui Creek, Glen Canyon, September 2, 1962
  6. Amphitheater, Davis Gulch, Escalante Basin, May 12, 1965
  7. Escalante River Outwash, Glen Canyon, September 2, 1962
  8. Tamarisk and Grass, River's Edge, Glen Canyon, August, 1961
  9. Waterslide from Above, Long Canyon, September 21, 1965
  10. Dungeon Canyon, Glen Canyon, August 29, 1961


In Wildness
New York: Daniel Wolf Press, Inc., 1981
Text: Henry David Thoreau
Dye transfer prints by Berkey K&L approved by Eliot Porter
Designed by Eleanor Caponigro
Edition: 300; Copy 2

  1. Red Osier, Near Great Barrington, Massachusetts, April 18, 1957
  2. Path in Woods, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, 1981
  3. Hawkweed in Meadow, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, 1968
  4. Tidal Marsh, Mt. Desert Island, Maine, August 4, 1965
  5. Maple Leaves & Pine Needles, Tamworth, New Hampshire, October 3, 1956
  6. Sunflower and Sandune, Colorado, 1959
  7. Sculptured Rock, Marble Canyon, Arizona, 1967
  8. Maple Sapling & Rock, Passaconaway, New Hampshire, 1953
  9. Pool in a Brook, Pond Brook, Near Whiteface, New Hampshire, October 1953
  10. Sunset behind Las Tres Virgenes Volcano, near Mezquital Baja, California, August 12, 1966


New York: DEP Editions, Inc., 1984
Seven dye transfer prints
Introduction by Jonathan Porter
Edition: 50 and 10 APs; Copy AP III

  1. The Kong Forest, Confucius' Family Cemetery, Qufu, Shandong
  2. Ferry, Chonqing, Sichuan
  3. Imperial Palace, Peking
  4. Lotus and Azolla, West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
  5. Yuantong Monastary, Kuming, Yunnan
  6. Black Dragon Falls, Lushan, Jiangxi
  7. Bamboo Grove Near Hangzhou, Zhejiang


Western Landscapes
Missing title and table of contents sheets
Edition and copy number unknown

  1. Cactus Blossoms, Big Bend, Texas
  2. Colorado River, Mile 197, Grand Canyon, Arizona
  3. Great Sand Dunes National Monument, Colorado
  4. Tarn Lakes, Beartooth Mountain, Montana
  5. Hellebore and Columbine, New Mexico
  6. Mt. Baker, Washington
  7. White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
  8. View of the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Arizona
  9. Flowers and Stump, Zion National Park, Utah
  10. Mt. Rainier, Washington
  11. Natural Arch, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
  12. Canyonlands National Park, Utah


Southborough, MA: Color Three Associates, 1988
Dye transfer prints by John Warzoneck approved by Eliot Porter
Edition: 50 and 7 APs; Copy AP 2

  1. Juniper Tree, Arches National Monument, Utah, August 27, 1958
  2. Aspens by Lake, Broadmore Lodge, Pike National Forest, Colorado, September 14, 1959
  3. Birch Trees on Cliff, Near Keene Valley, Adirondack Park, New York, September 30, 1963
  4. Red Tree Near Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee, October 7, 1969
  5. Dogwood and Oak Trees, Red River Gorge, Kentucky, April 19, 1968
  6. Redbud and Tulip Poplar, Near Foothills Parkway, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina, April 9, 1968
  7. Poplars With Lichens, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, June 7, 1968
  8. Old Cottonwood Tree, Moki Canyon, Glen Canyon, Utah, April 8, 1963
  9. Dry Cypress Swamp, Tamiami Trail, Florida, February 11, 1974
  10. White Aspens and Hillside, Near Steamboat Springs, Colorado, May 28, 1975


Certain Passages
New York: Daniel Wolf Press, Inc., 1989
Dye transfer prints by Harry Russell approved by Eliot Porter
Edition: 300; Copy 1

  1. Gray's Arch, Red River Gorge, Kentucky, 1968
  2. Apples, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, 1942
  3. Asters and Raspberries, Oak Island, Maine, 1973
  4. Foxtail Grass, Great Sand Dunes, Colorado, 1976
  5. Edge of the Colorado River, Mile 122, Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1967
  6. Water-Streaked Wall, Warm Springs Canyon, Utah, 1965
  7. Aspens, Colorado, 1959
  8. Bracken & Hawkweed, Michigan, 1973


There's My Own Spirit†
Santa Fe: Eliot Porter in conjunction with Scheinbaum and Russek, Ltd., 1990
Ten prints selected by Stephen Porter, Eliot Porter, Patrick Porter
Introduction: facsimile of letter from Alfred Stieglitz to Eliot Porter, January 21, 1939
Gelatin silver prints by David Scheinbaum approved by Eliot Porter and signed by Stephen Porter
Designed by Janet Russek
Edition: 25 and 8 lettered APs; Copy H

  1. Spruce Woods, Fish Hawk Point, Great Spruce Head Island, Maine, 1934
  2. Penobscot Bay, North of Peak Island, Maine, 1944
  3. Penobscot Bay, Southwest from Eagle Island, Maine, 1938
  4. Cement Works, Salida, Colorado, 1945
  5. Eroded Bentonite, Hawksville, Utah, 1963
  6. Chama River, New Mexico, 1940
  7. Church, Cordova, New Mexico, 1940
  8. Cross, Truchas, New Mexico, 1940
  9. Church, Canoncito, New Mexico, 1939
  10. Kitchen Window, Tesuque, New Mexico, 1961

Portfolios contributed to by Eliot Porter

New Mexico
by Willliam Clift
Santa Fe: William Clift, 1975
Edition: 100; Copy 3
Introduction by Eliot Porter
Gelatin silver prints by the artist

  1. Swing, 1973
  2. Corral, Hondo Valley, 1972
  3. Charis, Bandelier, 1974
  4. Apple Blossoms, Velarde, 1973
  5. Aspens, Hyde Park, 1972
  6. Peter Hurd Home, San Patricio, 1972
  7. Black Mesa, San Ildefonso, 1973
  8. Landscape, 1973


Santa Fe Center for Photography†
Portfolio I 1982
Coordinated/designed by Ted Rice and Janet Russek
All prints are gelatin silver except the print by Eliot Porter, which is a dye transfer print
Edition of 10 and 6 APs lettered AĖF; Copy C

  1. Mary Peck, Bandelier National Monument 1977
  2. Bernard Plossu, Santa Clara Pueblo 1978
  3. Eliot Porter, Landscape, New Mexico 1960
  4. David Scheinbaum, Church, Canado de los Almos 1980
  5. Susan Steffy, Squash on Black 1979


Color Nature Landscapes I†
New York: DEP Editions, 1983
Coordinated/designed by Ted Rice and Janet Russek
Chromogenic prints by David Travis of Elmi Graphics, Hollywood, except for Fontanaís, which were printed under that artistís supervision in Italy
Edition: 50 and 10 APs; Copy AP IX

  1. Paul Caponigro, Juniper in Snow, New Mexico, 1982
  2. Paul Caponigro, Straw and Bramble, Redding, Connecticut, 1970
  3. Eliot Porter, Shad Tree in Bloom, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, April 14, 1968
  4. Eliot Porter, Clouds Forming over Mount Baker, Washington, July 30, 1975
  5. William Garnett, Frozen Stream with Dormant Tree and Shadows, Bethel, Maine,1966
  6. William Garnett, Mississippi River near Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, 1968
  7. Franco Fontana, Paesaggio, Baia Delle Zagare, 1970
  8. Franco Fontana, Paesaggio, Lucanio, 1978
  9. Ralph Gibson, Storm, Maui, 1983
  10. Ralph Gibson, St. Barts, French West Indies, 1983


Color Nature Landscapes II
New York: DEP Editions, 1983
Coordinated/designed by Ted Rice and Janet Russek
Chromogenic prints by David Travis of Elmi Graphics, Hollywood, except Fontanas, which were printed under that artistís supervision in Italy
Edition: 50 and 10 APs; Copy AP IX

  1. Paul Caponigro, Apple Orchard, Tesuque, New Mexico, 1981
  2. Paul Caponigro, Redding Woods, Connecticut, 1969
  3. Eliot Porter, Waterfall, Hagavatn, Iceland, July 25, 1972
  4. Eliot Porter, Running Water, Roaring Fork Road, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee, October 10, 1967
  5. William Garnett, Sandhill Cranes over Brazos River, Texas, 1975
  6. William Garnett, Lake Powell, Arizona/Utah, 1967
  7. Franco Fontana, Paesaggio, Lucania II, 1973
  8. Franco Fontana, Emilio, 1973
  9. Ralph Gibson, Cherry Blossoms, Tokyo, Japan, 1983
  10. Ralph Gibson, Enchanted Pool, Hawaii, 1983


Bisti by David Scheinbaum (Portfolio One)
Santa Fe: Scheinbaum and Russek, 1985
Introduction by Eliot Porter
Designed by Janet Russek
Edition of 20 and 5 lettered APs; Copy B
10 untitled gelatin silver prints

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