Election Connections for Students

The Amon Carter provides unique and educational museum experiences for Pre-K through twelfth-grade students. A team of professional Gallery Teachers facilitates tours and utilizes an inquiry-based approach to allow students to make personal and meaningful connections with the museum’s collection and special exhibitions. For more information about student programs, please call 817.989.5031 or email teaching@cartermuseum.org.

Thursday, November 1, 2012
Student Tour


“54–40 or fight!” “Who is James K. Polk?” “Vote yourself a farm.” “He proved the pen mightier than the sword.” You guessed it—it’s election time! The Amon Carter’s team of professional gallery teachers will lead tours designed to help students make election connections. By looking at and discussing archival material, artworks related to specific American presidential campaigns from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and political cartoons, students will learn about the campaign issues from the past, candidates, and political parties and how they relate to the current presidential election. Topics include annexation, civil rights, immigration, and suffrage, among others.

Middle and high school students taking government, social studies, Texas history, and/or U.S. history classes from classroom and homeschool settings are encouraged to register. Classes or individual students may register. Educators and parents are also welcome to attend.

Space is limited, and reservations are required. For more information or to reserve a space, call 817.989.5030 or email education@cartermuseum.org.

Educators: for a professional development opportunity related to this topic, click here.


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