The Carter Family

Amon G. Carter Sr., a legendary figure in Texas history, was for most of his life Fort Worth’s leading citizen and champion. Mr. Carter’s will provided for the establishment of a museum in Fort Worth devoted to American art. “As a youth, I was denied the advantages which go with the possession of money,” he stated in the will. “I am endeavoring to give to those who have not had such advantages, but who aspire to the higher and finer attributes of life, those opportunities which were denied to me.” Without the dedication of Mr. Carter and his family, the Amon Carter would not have become the leading cultural institution it is today.

Amon G. Carter Sr.

This timeline offers an overview of Amon G. Carter Sr.’s life, specific both to the museum that today bears his name and to the many other endeavors and successes of his life.

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Ruth Carter Stevenson

This timeline offers an overview of Ruth Carter Stevenson’s life.

Ruth Carter Stevenson (1923-2013)
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Amon G. Carter Jr.

This timeline offers an overview of Amon G. Carter Jr.’s life.

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