Bio Files

The library collects ephemera on a range of American artists and photographers in the form of small exhibition catalogues, magazine and newspaper clippings, reproductions, resumes, and other printed matter. Many of the artists in these files do not have work in the museum’s art collection.

The index to names in these files may be searched by keyword using the search box below or by browsing by last name using the alphabet provided. The material contained in these files has not been digitized and is not directly accessible via this site. Please send questions about the contents of these files to or call the library reference desk, 817.989.5040.

Last name First name Suffix Alias Notes
Aramesco Gigi
Aramesco Constantin Emil Tico
Arbus Diane
Arbus Amy
Archer Edmund Minor Ned
Archipenko Alexander
Arden Roy
Arends Stuart
Arens Egmont
Arensberg Walter
Arentz Dick
Argeropolos Theodore
Armer Laura Adams
Armfield Maxwell
Armin Emil
Armitage Merle
Arms John Taylor
Armstrong David
Armstrong William W.
Armstrong Louis
Armstrong Charles
Armstrong William G.
Armstrong Jane B.
Armstrong Bill
Armstrong William
Armstrong Frank
Armstrong Arthur
Armstrong Margaret
Armstrong David Maitland
Armstrong M.K.
Arneson Robert
Arnest Bernard
Arning Eddie
Arnold C. D.
Arnold Anne
Arnold Eve
Arnold Edward
Arntz Michael
Aronson David
Aronson Boris
Aronson J. H.
Aronson Geoffrey E.
Arreguin Alfredo
Arriola Fortunato
Arrow Raymond
Art Guys Michael Galbreth and Jack Massing
Arthurs Stanley Massey
Artschwager Richard
Artzybasheff Boris
Ary Henry
Asawa Ruth
Ashbaugh Dennis
Ashbrook Paul
Ashby Steven
Asher Michael
Asher Elise
Ashley Clifford W.
Ashton Dore
Askman Tom
Asmar Alice
Aspevig Clyde
Atencio Gilbert Benjamin
Atget Eugene
Atherton John
Atkins Samuel
Atkins Anna
Atwood Harry
Aubert Francois
Aubrey Charles
Aubry Arthur S.
Audubon Victor G.
Audubon John Woodhouse
Audubon John James
Auerbach Frank
Auerbach Ellen
Ault George
Aultman Otis A.
Aultman Oliver E.
Austin Dorothy
Austin Darrel
Austin Belle
Austin Alice
Austing G. Ronald
Avalos Juan Crisostomo Mendez
Avedon Richard
Avedon Michael
Avery Milton
Avery Keith
Avery Eric
Avery Sid
Avery Samuel P.
Avinoff Andrey
Aycock Alice
Ayres Thomas A.
Azzi Robert
B. A. W.
Babcock Dean
Baber Alice
Bach Laurence
Bacher Tom