Encyclopedia of North American Indians, Native American History, Culture, and Life from Paleo-Indians to the Present

Focus on North American Indians. First, there are descriptions of 100 tribes which are supplemented with 'regional entries' that discuss Smaller native communities. Secondly, there are biographies of 100 deceased Native Americans. The subjects are political figures, athletes, artists, and scholars. Next, there are 100 interpretive articles on topics such as beadwork, dreams, and treaties. Finally, entries provide definitions of topics such as peyote, cradle boards, and the Battle of Little Big Horn.

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High School (9-12)
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18th Century and Earlier
19th Century (1800-1865)
19th Century (1866-1899)
20th Century (1900-1945)
20th Century (1946-1999)
Art of the West
Multicultural Topics
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