Cowboy with a Camera: Erwin E. Smith, Cowboy Photographer

Interweaves the narrative of author Don Worcester with Erwin E. Smith's photos of cowboys taken from 1905 to 1912 to reveal "the old time cowboy as he really was, a working man on horseback." Erwin E. Smith is one of several American photographers who has donated their archives to the Amon Carter for exhibition and research. Additional information is available in the Erwin E. Smith online collection guide or the teaching guide available at Online Projects.

This book kit contains 30 copies of the title, plus one copy for the teacher. Other supporting materials from the American Art Connection Center collection include posters and/or digital files of works from the Amon Carter permanent collection, other books pertaining to the same topic, films on DVD or VHS tapes (when available), and links to websites that contain substantive information that is grade appropriate.

Book kits are available to Tarrant County schools only. Other teachers may borrow supporting materials to use while reading a personal copy.

TRC audience: 
Elementary (K-5)
TRC subject: 
20th Century (1900-1945)
Art of the West
Texas History
TRC format: 
Book Kit