Distance Learning

Can’t Visit Us? We’ll Visit You—Virtually!

The Amon Carter Museum of American Art offers a variety of interdisciplinary, interactive distance learning programs that bring the museum to your classroom via webcam. Focusing on the collection, a museum educator engages teacher and student audiences in discussions and activities exploring art, culture, history, language arts, science, and more. These curriculum-based programs align with state and national standards. Programs offered may be modified according to grade level and curricular specifications. Special program requests are reviewed with three weeks’ notice. Programs last up to one hour and serve up to thirty students at a time. A minimum of ten students is required.

*Programs are FREE for Texas schools and organizations and cost $75 each for those outside the state of Texas.

Monthly Specials

January 2019: The Snow Show
Grades 1–5: Math, Science, Visual Arts
Identify the scientific and mathematical intricacies of individual snowflakes while viewing and discussing how American artists have depicted the beauty and wonder of snow and ice.

February 2019: A Celebration of African-American Artists
Grades 3–12: History, Social Studies, Visual Arts
In honor of Black History Month, explore the Amon Carter’s collection to learn about the invaluable contributions of African-American artists in art history.

March 2019: Women in Art: A HERstory of Pioneering Female Artists
Grades 1–12: History, Social Studies, Visual Arts
Examine work by pioneering women in American art. Discover artists who led the way in diverse media, broke stylistic ground, and left their mark on the art world.

March 2019: Get a Piece of PI Day
Grades 5–8: Math, Science, Visual Arts
Celebrate Pi Day with an investigation of all things circular in American art.

April 2019: Planet Earth
Grades 1–12: Sciences, Social Studies, History, Visual Arts
Tour the planet through our collection. Discover how artists have played a role in conservation efforts while highlighting the world’s beauty.

May 2019: Artistic Adventure
Grades 1–8: History, Language Arts, Visual Arts
Get students ready for summer adventures with this expedition into the Amon Carter’s permanent collection.

Art Work: Careers in an Art Museum

(Grades 6–12), History, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts

Learn about the exciting careers of museum professionals. Hear about the experience and education needed to become a part of the Amon Carter Museum of American Art team, all while getting a peek at the inner workings of the museum. This program is not live. Recording available upon registration.


(Grades 1–7), Math, Science, Visual Arts

Examine artworks and explore how artists incorporate science, technology, engineering, and mathematic concepts and processes into their practice and precision.

Poetry and American Art

(Grades 1–8), Language Arts, Visual Arts

Identify elements of figurative language and flex creative writing muscles while reading and establishing connections between classic poems and American art. Select poems will be delivered to educators upon registration.

Art and Music

(Grades 1–12), Music, Social Studies, Visual Arts

From opera to jazz, activate the senses while discovering a range of artists inspired by the culture, beats, melodies, and rhythms of music since the nineteenth century.

Beasts, Birds, and Bugs: The Art of Scientific Observation

(Grades 1–3), Science, Visual Arts

Investigate ways artists have used scientific observation to represent the world around them. Through close looking, data collection, and hypothesizing, students will describe, identify, and classify creatures and their habitats depicted by various artists.