Parting Words from Intern Jen Padgett

It has been my pleasure to work as an intern this summer at the Amon Carter, and like Kristina and Heather have both written, the experience has presented me with a wealth of great opportunities. I feel that I not only gained knowledge about the Carter and its delightful collection, but also saw how educational programs can really bring out the best of both of these.

The Education department is valuable because it makes connections – allowing people to not only see the art but become involved with it. During this summer I helped out with the Storytime program, which connects children with art, books, and hands-on creative projects. I loved working with the kids because their reactions to art were so enthusiastic. Every week I enjoyed seeing how many families would return again, inviting their friends to come along with them. (I was surprised that this often included friends from out-of-town! I think the farthest travelers were from New York.)

During my time I also helped with the reorganization of our Teaching Resource Center, an extensive collection of materials for all teachers. It’s great to see that something I helped with will be used to help kids learn about art. Hopefully it will spark their love of art in unique ways.

I am so thankful to the staff of the Education department, who makes this all possible. Everyone here works together, collaborating on projects or just sharing opinions. This collective effort results in programs that educate (and entertain!) and I consider myself lucky to be a part of it, if only for a short time.

In just a week, I will be heading back to the University of Notre Dame to finish my senior year. I’m majoring in Art History and English, and while my post-graduation plans are still a mystery, I know that my experience here will be incredibly valuable to me in the future. I’ve grown attached to the Carter and will keep this time dear in my memory. Thank you to everyone who made this summer so special!