New Books for August and Making KODAK Film Book

Hi readers,

Today the library added the newest "new" book report to the site. This report details everything the library cataloged in August 2010. Find the report here:

I want to call your attention to a standout title:

TR283 .S53 (Main Stacks)
Shanebrook, Robert L.
Making KODAK film : the illustrated story of state-of-the-art photographic film manufacturing / Robert L. Shanebrook.
Rochester, NY : R.L. Shanebrook, Robert Shanebrook Photography, c2010.


As the preface states, "this book documents how Eastman Kodak Company made film during time period 2007-2010 when the technology had reached its height." Mr. Shanebrook lifts the "silver curtain," an appropriate term which refers to the shroud of secrecy protecting Kodak "silver-based" technologies, to take us on a rare and fascinating behind-the-scenes journey into the technical film manufacturing and research environment at Kodak. The author also provides us with a useful primer on how traditional film photography works. As the imaging industry continues to speed toward digital photography, it's a great time to learn about the important contributions that Kodak has made to film-based photography.

As of today, reports that the Amon Carter and George Eastman House in Rochester, NY, hold the only institutional copies of this book.