Photo of the Week: Wild Autumn Color

Today's installment of Photo of the Week is for all you armchair leaf peepers out there. The Carter's collection contains way too many gorgeous fall photographs to include in a blog post, thanks to our massive archive of nature photographs by Eliot Porter and numerous works by his stylistic followers. These fall landscapes can range from the idyllic to the downright psychedelic...and that's the end of the spectrum we're looking at today. The following three photographs are all by Robert Glenn Ketchum, a landscape photographer strongly influenced by Eliot Porter (and the subject of the Carter's 2006 exhibition, Robert Glenn Ketchum and the Legacy of Eliot Porter).

Brewster Boogie Woogie, 27, 1979, Gift of Advocacy Arts Foundation, ©1979 Robert Glenn Ketchum

Sun Dance, 1989, Gift of Advocacy Arts Foundation, ©1989 Robert Glenn Ketchum

Predawn Glow, Elk Point, 1978, Gift of Dr. and Mrs. John Uphold, © 1988 Robert Glenn Ketchum