Making Preparations for The Allure of Paper

It's less than two weeks until the opening of the special exhibition The Allure of Paper: Watercolors and Drawings from the Collection, and the museum is busy with preparations! In this installment of our blog series, discover some of what goes on behind-the-scenes as the exhibition moves through the design process.

Exhibition Designer Trang Nguyen plays a critical role in the presentation of every exhibition displayed at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art.

Exhibition designer working at computer
Exhibition Designer Trang Nguyen hard at work in her office.

Trang’s initial step in planning for any exhibition is to establish an identity for the exhibition's design. As she describes, “I’m a translator because I take the exhibition content that the curator has created and translate it into a visual vocabulary in the galleries.”

In preparing for The Allure of Paper, Trang used the catalogue that accompanies this exhibition as a guideline. She then designed the exhibition's text panels and object labels and worked with me (the curator) to determine the wall colors for the exhibition. Because The Allure of Paper spans almost two hundred years of American art, Trang wanted colors reminiscent of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and chose paint colors from Benjamin Moore’s Historical Color Palette.

Museum staff preparing a gallery
Installation and Preparation Services staff members Les Hofheinz and Greg Bahr carefully prepare a gallery.

Reviewing the checklist for the exhibition---which is a list of all of the artworks to be included---Trang next provides a space assessment to determine how the works of art will fit within the special exhibition galleries. Trang laid out the works of art for this exhibition with me and determined that three walls needed to be added to the galleries.

Exhibition designer printing object labels
Trang printing out object labels for the galleries.

Trang is also responsible for producing all of the object labels, text panels, and any other visual text or images that accompany the exhibition. Trang’s work will undoubtedly ensure an optimal viewing experience for visitors who plan to attend The Allure of Paper exhibition, and we can't wait for you to see it!

Post written by Shirley Reece-Hughes, assistant curator of paintings and sculpture