Excellence for Everyone

Our Excellence in Education Campaign continues to bloom with exciting results. The lunches and afternoon meetings have been happening at a brisk pace, and the development committee has been working overtime to help make the connections. Both Stacy Fuller, director of education, and Carol Noel, director of development, have helped to bring the importance of this campaign to our donors. Their passion and professionalism not only compel people to provide support but also clearly deliver our message of innovation, quality, and customer service that are so important to all that we do at the Amon Carter.

What will these funds do for our community?

For the past six years the Amon Carter has charged a nominal supply fee for teachers participating in its educator workshops. The campaign funds have already allowed the museum to offer, free of charge, all the educator programs held onsite and via videoconference in 2011–12. At a time of unparalleled and severe fiduciary constraints for state education, this service is indeed a boon to our community.



Similarly, the museum’s Teaching Resource Center (TRC) has offered North Texas educators the opportunity to borrow free resources on American art in a wide range of formats. The campaign has allowed the TRC to expand its loan program from North Texas to the entire state!

New programs made possible by the campaign are also underway, including the First Steps Outreach Program, which targets students ages three to five from seven Tarrant County day care centers. This multiple-visit program introduces these young visitors to a museum setting through positive experiences, cultivates their observation skills, and teaches Pre-K lessons, such as social behaviors and fine motor skills.

The Connect to American Art Outreach Program serves patrons from Tarrant County senior centers. This multiple-visit program sends docents to these centers for five visits, followed by bringing seniors three times annually to the museum. The program aims to generate awareness and ownership of the museum’s collection, exhibitions, and public programs. Programs are currently scheduled for senior centers in Stop Six, White Settlement, and Arlington.

I ask you to consider becoming a part of this effort. We have known for years now that exposure to the arts, particularly at a young age, results in an astonishing array of benefits that last a lifetime and benefit our community in return. If you would like to learn more, feel free to contact me. This message is one I have no problem discussing!