Embodied Light

A singular experience awaits visitors to the Amon Carter. Dallas-based artist Gabriel Dawe has finished installing his piece Plexus no. 34—a work composed of eighty miles of multicolored sewing thread strung back and forth, west wall to east wall, across the museum’s Atrium space. Fastened to hooks high in the upper reaches of the room’s two western corners, the thread then descends across the Atrium’s expanse, cascading in broadening beams of variegated color to converge on the opposite wall.

The twin rays of thread shimmer as you move beneath them, they glow in the sun streaming through the windows fifty-five feet above the floor, they brighten and dim as light changes throughout the day. Plexus no. 34 is a wonder.

P no. 34.jpg
Plexus no. 34 in the museum’s Atrium

I’m excited to announce that the Publications Department has been working with Dawe and the museum’s curator, Maggie Adler, to create a limited-edition, loose-leaf artist book featuring Plexus no. 34 from its inception to its final installation. The publications staff expanded their endeavors to create this unique publication, setting up a book-art workspace in their shared area to create what will be the only publication of its kind on Dawe’s sculptures in thread.

GD with Shelby and MA in Pubs.jpg
Gabriel Dawe (center) visits the Publications Department with his assistant, Shelby Cunningham (left), and curator Maggie Adler

LB in studio.jpg
Lorraine Bond, the portfolio’s designer, in the book-art workspace

Only 200 copies of the publication will be produced, each one numbered and signed by the artist. The book will have two archival reproductions tipped-in to its pages—one of the artist’s digital rendering of Plexus no. 34, the other of the final installed work. A special page with the artist’s actual thread stitched into it is also included, and the portfolio is enveloped in a folded case bound with a removable band adorned with a tassel of thread.

DAWE mockup.jpg
The mockup of the museum’s forthcoming limited-edition portfolio Embodied Light, featuring Gabriel Dawe’s Plexus no. 34; only 200 copies are being produced

Those interested in purchasing a copy of Embodied Light should email will.gillham@cartermuseum.org. The 28-page portfolio is available in September and retails for $125 (plus tax and shipping/handling); members enjoy a twenty percent discount.