Diane Durant

“This program is a signal to the rest of the community that all are welcome to participate in the museum and contribute to its success.”

Photographer Diane Durant received her BFA from Baylor University (2001); her MA/BC from Dallas Theological Seminary (2004); and a MA and PhD from the University of Texas at Dallas (2007, 2013), where she currently serves as the Senior Lecturer in Photography and Assistant Director of the Photography Program. Not only is Durant involved in the educational development of emerging photographers, she also has a long history of working with groups in her community to promote the arts. She is the former president of 500X Gallery and past editor of The Grassburr, The Rope, Sojourn, and Reunion: The Dallas Review. In 2017, she edited and wrote the introduction for Rozafa's Milk, an anthology of poems from the Albanian-American Society of Writers. She is a member of both the Leadership Team for the Society for Photographic Education's LGBTQ Caucus and the Board of Directors for the Cedars Union, a nonprofit arts incubator in North Texas. She currently lives in Fort Worth with her daughter, their four dogs, and a multitude of penniless cats.