Arnoldo Hurtado

“The Carter Community Artist initiative is a great way for the museum to bridge with communities that need bridging in the arts.”

It’s hard to imagine how someone could make an ice cream truck better. Leave it to Arnoldo Hurtado to find a way to take that concept and revolutionize it by giving back to the community through his creative spirit. As a social practice artist, painter, and performer, Hurtado aims to educate diverse audiences through a multitude of projects. A native of Fort Worth, Hurtado graduated with a BFA in Drawing and Painting from the University of North Texas (2010) and dedicated two years volunteering with the Peace Corps (2011) in Cambodia. The concept of traveling to and learning from different communities is so ingrained in his work that in 2017 he transformed an ice cream truck into a traveling studio space for communal creativity known as the Artscream Truck. Hurtado was the inaugural recipient of the Sylvia Hougland Emerging Artist’s Fund from Make Art with Purpose (MAP), which supported the creation of a 110-foot mural, Convivo, in his native North Side of Fort Worth.