December 25

Mrs. Remington notes in her husband’s diary: “Frederic seemed comfortable and cheerful—about one o’clock a change came for the worst and the doctor said it was the beginning of the end—and after midnight he sank rapidly.”

December 26

Mrs. Remington notes in her husband’s diary: “At 9:30 a.m. Frederic passed away.”

December 27

Remington’s funeral is held in Canton, New York; he is buried in the family plot. Almon Gunnison, an old friend of Remington’s gave the funeral oration, which included these words: “His versatility was surprising. He made his pen almost equally skillful with his brush, he learned the sculptor’s art, and created works which rivaled those of an age which was thought to have passed away, and his last work was his best, and he built a new home away from the distracting throngs, that he might do the largest, finest work he ever did, because he believed that his past achievements had only taught him how to give expression to the finer visions which had hitherto eluded him. And then the end came. But his place in American art had been fixed. He was the acknowledged historian in pictorial form of the most precious age from an artistic and patriotic standpoint in our American life, its revelator and interpreter, and that place will forever be secure to him.

Ca. 1909

Remington’s newly-completed home and studio, Ridgefield, Connecticut.