Who Is the Artist? Degas, Renoir, Cassatt (VHS)

Introduces the National Gallery of Art in engaging and clever art series. WHO IS THE ARTIST? pairs age-appropriate (grades 4-7) insights into the lives, works, and techniques of noted artists, with reinforcing questions encouraging the viewer to link a particular painting with its artist. In this video viewers examine twenty-four masterworks, including Edgar Degas' THE REHEARSAL OF THE BALLET ONSTAGE, Pierre-Auguste Renoir's BALL AT THE MOULIN DE LA GALETTE and Mary Cassatt's LITTLE GIRL IN BLUE ARMCHAIR, looking for characteristic themes and stylistic signatures that embody each artist's work.

TRC audience: 
Elementary (K-5)
Middle School (6-8)
TRC subject: 
19th Century (1866-1899)
20th Century (1900-1945)
Art Surveys
Artist Biography
Picturing America Resource
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