In Open Air: A Portrait of the American Impressionists (VHS)

Captures the essence of the Impressionist movement in America, a pivotal period in American art from 1880-1915. With the pace of life quickening at the end of the nineteenth century, painters were seeking new ways to look at and preserve traditional American scenes that were rapidly disappearing-stone fences, open countryside, picturesque settings. These tranquil images were painted outside, in open air. The program features some of the finest Impressionist paintings created during this period and travels to favored locales that inspired the artists' work. It explores the influence of the French Impressionists and reveals how the American painters developed their own painting styles.

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High School (9-12)
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19th Century (1866-1899)
20th Century (1900-1945)
Art of the West
Art Surveys
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