Nature Bound: Day 5

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Today we nearly finished the installation of Nature Bound: Illustrated Botanical Books. Each object on display has a number that connects it with the related object information and discussion that is printed on the large panels that float above each case. Below you see one of the museum's preparators organizing a "deck" of these numbers. Below that you see the installation of the cut vinyl that makes up the title wall. We're getting close!

2011-01-24 Numbers.jpg

2011-01-24 Vinyl Install.jpg


I really like your blog and check it regularly. But what's up with the Facebook page? I use Facebook to check what's going on in Ft. Worth. I get instant alerts on my I-Phone. Tell the Facebook person that if they do half as good a job as the Blog person, they will be doing great. Great World-class Museum. We visit regularly.


The blogs are written by multiple people while facebook is managed by just one person. That may account for the discrepancy in the amount of content you are seeing posted on facebook versus in the blogs. That said, we will do our best to boost facebook content in the future. We appreciate you interest and continued support.

Amon Carter Publications Department

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