Photo of the Week: Twilight

It's that time here in Fort Worth when, once again, the heat drives us indoors until sundown. It's that sense of relief from soaring temperatures and glaring sun that makes twilight my favorite time of day, especially during the summer.

Here are four interpretations of twilight in different media from the Carter's photography collection.

Michael H. Marvins, Chisos Moonrise, ink jet print, 2008-2009
Michael H. Marvins (b.1941), Chisos Moonrise, ink jet print, 2008-2009, Gift of the artist, ©2008 Michael H. Marvins

Karl Struss, At the Window, palladium print, 1921
Karl Struss (1886-1981), At the Window - Twlight, palladium print, 1921, ©1983 Amon Carter Museum of American Art

Edward Steichen, Road into the Valley-Moonrise, photogravure, 1906
Edward Steichen (1879-1973), Road into the Valley -- Moonrise, hand-toned photogravure, 1906

Luther Smith (b.1950), Trinity River at Northside Drive, Fort Worth, Texas, December 1, 1987 from the series Trinity River, gelatin silver print, 1987, Gift of Dale A. Ellison, © 1987 Luther Smith