Photo of the Week: The Man in the Moon

The moon has been a source of inspiration for artists for ages, and it is a common theme in the Carter's collection. In honor of the 40th anniversary of the moon landing on Monday, our Photo of the Week features some charming, pre-space-race depictions of the moon from the photography collection: postcards from the moon!

Spooning in the Moon, published by A.C. Busselman, halftones with applied color, ca. 1906

And my favorite:

Spooning in the Moon is not currently on view, but you can see two more recent interpretations of the moon at the Carter right now: Louise Nevelson's Lunar Landscape, currently installed in the permanent paintings and sculpture galleries, and Moon Face (Cara de Luna), now on view in the exhibition Rufino Tamayo: Tamarind Lithography Workshop.


Spooning in the moon, fantastic! Reworks of this images are getting used all the time. The picture top right would have to be my favorite catching the fella!

Nice selection! What are they doing to the moon's nose in image 4? I can't tell what that object is.

It's a feather - they're tickling his nose!

I like the 2nd photo. Looks like the lady is tossing her man aside :)

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